Michael Dowd

Beyond Sustainability: A Hopeful, Inspiring Vision of the Next 250 Years

A Voices from the Edge presentation in NYC


Michael Dowd has the unusual distinction of being twice reborn: once in the image of God, and a second time in the image of Darwin. A former evangelical minister, Dowd—still fiery with the passion of ministry—now travels around the country spreading an evolutionary gospel for the 21st century. His message of faith and free will suggests a hopeful future where science and religion seamlessly combine forces to save not just our souls, but the very planet we live on.

In this Voices event, recorded live in New York City, Dowd explores how the developmental perspective of modern evolution theory and the traditional view of a higher power—God—actually yields a singular vision for the future. In this ultimate synthesis of views and values, Dowd explores the potential for our rapid technological innovation, chaotic social development, and deeply held religious beliefs to actually enhance one another; to describe a model not of conflict, but of ever-increasing harmony and higher integration.

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