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Your 3-D Universe Is So Passť
A new way of looking at reality stretches the mind into multiple dimensions
Issue 36
Preachers of a New Pentecost
Two evangelists of evolutionary spirituality are carrying the message of science and spirit to grassroots Christianity and beyond

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd are traveling the ancient missionary path with a radical new message: the science of evolution may be the key to a worldwide spiritual revival.

Issue 25
The Café at the Beginning of the Universe
An encounter with Howard Bloom

One of today's most imaginative minds plays cosmic (and comic) tour guide through the formative moments of the universe, hinting at wild surprises yet to come.

Issue 25
Comprehensive Compassion

A visionary cosmologist explains why this may be the most critical yet potentially transformative time on the planet in 65 million years.

Issue 19
Looking Back to the Beginning
The Ultra Deep Field: a picture worth ten thousand galaxies

Ann Druyan · Neil deGrasse Tyson · James Gardner · Brian Swimme

Issue 26
Has Heaven Died and Gone to Physics? or The Gospel According to Frank
A Book Review of Frank J. Tipler

A review of The Physics of Immortality, Frank J. Tipler's reductionist prophecy of an eternity far stranger than paradise.

Issue 11