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A Revolution in Consciousness and Culture EnlightenNext is defining the contours of a new human consciousness and culture. Founded by spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and fueled by his visionary leadership, we are an international organization in search of a new and positive direction for life in the twenty-first century.

Andrew Cohen is dedicated to igniting a revolution in human consciousness. As a 21st-century spiritual teacher and cultural visionary, he is exploring the outer reaches of human potential with the leading thinkers, mystics, scholars, and activists of our time. In 1988, Cohen founded EnlightenNext to help catalyze the next great step in our individual and collective development.
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The most prominent systemic theorist in the world, explores the genesis of the current revolution in scientific thinking: the most recent discoveries in support of the akashic field, a cosmic field that integrates everything in a dimension beyond space and time, presenting a brilliant solution to paradoxes and anomalous phenomena that appeared in the course of the 20th century in fields such as astrophysics, quantum physics, parapsychology and psychology. The Plenitude of the Cosmos is an indispensable work for scientists, scholars and everyone who wants to know in depth this new stage in scientific understanding and obtain a unique orientation in relation to contemporary efforts to create a peaceful and sustainable world. More than at any other time in its history, humanity today has the chance to create a new world - more spiritually evolved, more filled with love and sanity. For Eckhart Tolle, we are living in a unique and wonderful moment: the awakening of a new consciousness. It shows us that the leap to this new reality depends on a radical internal change in each one of us. We need to get rid of ego control, as this is the source of all human suffering. Under his rule, we are unable to see the pain we inflict on ourselves and others. When we awaken, thought loses its focus on us and becomes the servant of conscience, which is the link with universal intelligence, the source of life from which we all come. While uncovering the nature of this shift in consciousness, Tolle teaches us to overcome the tricks that the ego uses to isolate us from each other. Inspirationally, it helps us to discover our true self, the human essence that will allow us to build the new world and live in harmony with everything that exists. "The main purpose of this book is not to add new information and beliefs to your mind or to try to convince you of something, but to produce a change in your consciousness, that is, awakening. If you don't know what it means to awaken , keep reading."

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Courses and seminars presenting Andrew Cohen teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, an original nonsectarian spiritual path that unites the transcendent freedom of enlightenment with the innate human desire to change and evolve. The main obstacle to the development of man is the lack of knowledge about the very nature of consciousness. If we analyze the processes of the mind within us moment by moment, we soon find that it works faster than we realize. Man thinks he lives by virtue of the forces he controls; but in reality, it is governed by the power of undisclosed sources, which it does not dominate. Force is experienced through the senses; power can only be recognized by inner consciousness. The human being is immobilized by his alignment with overly powerful energy patterns, which he unconsciously sets in motion. The individual is, therefore, like a cork in the sea of consciousness - he does not know where he is, where he came from or where he is going to, nor why. It wanders in this endless puzzle, repeating the questions century after century, and it will continue so, if it does not go through a quantum leap in consciousness. A mark of such a sudden expansion of context and understanding is an inner experience of relief, joy and amazement. Those who went through this experience later felt that the universe gave them a precious gift. The facts are accumulated with effort, but the truth is revealed without difficulty. The purpose of this book is for the reader to understand and prepare the conditions for such personal revelation.

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WIE is a category-busting spiritual, cultural, and philosophical magazine committed to bringing a new perspective to science, religion, business, politics, the arts, and the environment. How does a person know he is in pain? What are you in love with? How do you know what you are doing and what you want to do? What is consciousness, this phenomenon that triggers the body, emotion and mind to ensure not only survival, but all of man's creations? What happens in our organism, and especially in the brain, that makes us aware of the world and inside our body? What allows us to remember the past and plan for the future? What opens the door to art, ethics and science? The neurologist Antonio Damasio, one of the great contemporary scientists, reveals in this book his revolutionary theory about the enigma of consciousness - the greatest challenge of philosophy and life sciences.

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Voices from the Edge Humanity is absorbed in chaos fed by the very feelings and actions of those who say they are fed up with the world as it is. The human being remains in constant crisis, especially because his learned values do not allow him to access his internal mastery. Their human excellence is drowned out by forces, beliefs and so-called moral, scientific, religious and spiritualistic standards that only reinforce the suffering they judge and say they fight. A New Humanity is free from these worn-out concepts, a New Consciousness is born from the recognition of the factors that keep us away from the joy and development of those that allow us to fully manifest existence. This is an essential work to understand the new directions of spirituality and where it is necessary to unveil to discontinue. A challenging reading that demystifies many principles and brings new and revealing perspectives on human life to light. Deeply transforming, it composes a practical guide for the identification of the aspects that currently limit the human being and proposes, in a clear and direct way, the deprogramming of these characteristics in order to awaken a higher standard of consciousness.
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A global network of individuals who are creating a revolution in consciousness and culture. Through ongoing support, active engagement, and personal and collective transformation, our members are helping to push forward the edge of human development at this pivotal time in history.
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