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Can Darwin Save Dartmouth From Derrida?
An evolutionary biologist's ambitious plan to salvage the integrity of higher education
Issue 37
The Only Journey There Is
An Exploration of Cosmic & Cultural Evolution
Issue 35
A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality
Three centuries of progressive thinkers reveal that evolution has always been a fundamentally spiritual concept
Issue 35
The REAL Evolution Debate
Everything you always wanted to know about evolution but the mass media wouldn’t tell you
Issue 35
Preachers of a New Pentecost
Two evangelists of evolutionary spirituality are carrying the message of science and spirit to grassroots Christianity and beyond

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd are traveling the ancient missionary path with a radical new message: the science of evolution may be the key to a worldwide spiritual revival.

Issue 25
The Café at the Beginning of the Universe
An encounter with Howard Bloom

One of today's most imaginative minds plays cosmic (and comic) tour guide through the formative moments of the universe, hinting at wild surprises yet to come.

Issue 25
The Fundamental Urge of the Universe
Human potential pioneer Michael Murphy sounds off on the new evolutionary worldview
Issue 25
Transformation by Design

Founder of Visa International and self-made philosopher Dee Hock invokes the new science of complexity theory to show how human organizations can become powerful agents for evolutionary transformation.

Issue 22
Evolution after Darwin
Section Introduction
Issue 21
Flow with Soul

This Hungarian-born painter, psychologist, and evolutionary thinker speaks about the flowering of human creativity and our potential to give meaning to the evolutionary process.

Issue 21
From the Editors
Issue 21
Suggestions of a Larger Purpose

The insightful author of The Moral Animal and Nonzero reflects on the dynamics of evolution and speculates about an emerging global consciousness.

Issue 21
Faster Forward
Impressions of Our Emerging Future

From the far out to the close at hand, four futurists zoom out for a bird's eye view on the global changes we're experiencing now and can anticipate in the future—each outlining both the unprecedented challenges and mind-spinning opportunities humanity faces in the minutes and years to come

Issue 23
Maybe Angels
A Confluence of Imagination and Rational Inquiry

A controversial biologist explores the consciousness of the universe and dissects the materialist creed.

Issue 11