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WIE takes an in-depth look at the 21st- century man, exploring the question: What is authentic masculinity today?

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The Leading Edge of the Leading Edge

Where is the evolution of consciousness and culture taking us? Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber explore the qualities of a barely emerging set of higher potentials in consciousness that are often referred to as “third tier.”

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Living in the Dark

Cosmologists say 96% of the universe’s mass consists of invisible, enigmatic entities called “dark matter” and “dark energy.” But what is this stuff? And why are some physicists invoking Eastern philosophy to explain it?

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Meditate as if Your Life Depended on It

WIE speaks with Fleet Maull, a former maximum security prisoner who discovered a profound sense of freedom when he decided to become “radically committed to eradicating any kind of negativity or uselessness out of my life.”

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An Intensive for Evolutionaries

On the weekend of Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, in Lenox, MA, individuals from around the world will join EnlightenNext founder Andrew Cohen in an effort to create new potentials for consciousness and culture. You’re invited to be one of them.

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This Week’s Audio

Susan Neiman

Idealism for Grown Ups

Philosopher Susan Neiman explains why she thinks that after decades on the fringes, idealism is coming back into fashion—this time less naive and able to handle the tough questions confronting us at this moment in history.

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Editors’ Weekly Picks
Living in a World of Accelerating Change

With an international reputation for accurately predicting up-and-coming technologies coupled with an uncanny eye for the future, Daniel Burrus speaks about what changes he sees on the horizon and how they will influence the way we live.

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What Future for Muslim Identity?

Dr. Munawar Anees, a Pakistani-American writer, social critic, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, calls for a renaissance of Islamic culture, one that will revive the great tradition of learning, tolerance, and liberalism that was once the hallmark of Islamic civilization.

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The Amazing Peter Ragnar

Described as a modern-day shaman, Taoist wizard, natural life scientist, and self-master par excellence all wrapped into one, Peter Ragnar takes the act of cultivating intention and turns it into a form of high art that has the power to transform all dimensions of life.

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