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The Purpose of Peace
An evangelical pastor has a big-hearted plan to save Rwanda
Issue 35
A God-Shaped Hole at the Heart of Our Being
An interview with evolutionary theologian John F
Issue 35
Watching Silence
A film in which nothing much happens is packing movie houses
Issue 33
Why Recycle if the Rapture Is Near?
Rev. Jim Ball is convincing his evangelical peers that environmentalism is the Christian thing to do.
Issue 33
The Paradise We Seek
The Reverend Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault on the Christian path to ego death and the discovery of the true self
This Episcopal priest, author, and internationally recognized teacher of contemplative prayer addresses the modern face of contemplative practice, the transcendent potential of religious insight, and the ultimate liberation of women—beyond identification with gender itself.
Issue 33
Would Jesus Embrace Postmodernism?
A burgeoning movement of evangelical Christians is breaking away from the fold
Issue 32
Sacrifice Is the Language of Love
The Incredible Story of a Modern-Day Saint
Issue 32
The Incredible Popularity of The Purpose-Driven Life

From the army to the NFL, author Rick Warren is captivating millions with his message of self-sacrifice.

Issue 29
When God Smiles
Archbishop Desmond Tutu considers the human predicament from God's point of view
Issue 29
The Vatican Crusades Against the New Age
A new report criticizing alternative spirituality
is surprisingly insightful

A papal report criticizing alternative spirituality is surprisingly insightful.

Issue 28
Real Men Have Broken Hearts
If thousands of Christian men keep their promises, can they change the world?
Issue 27
Are There Skate Parks in Heaven?
The Bible-zine for teens is here, but who's buying it?
Issue 26
Preachers of a New Pentecost
Two evangelists of evolutionary spirituality are carrying the message of science and spirit to grassroots Christianity and beyond

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd are traveling the ancient missionary path with a radical new message: the science of evolution may be the key to a worldwide spiritual revival.

Issue 25
The Last Testament of Vissarion Christ

WIE talks to this “Jesus of Siberia” about his messianic mission and the need for a new religion for our time.

Issue 23
Where Two or Three Are Gathered in My Name
Excerpted from the Book: Father Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father

Witness a modern miracle as Father Arseny, a Russian Orthodox priest imprisoned for over twenty years in Stalin's death camps, demonstrates the remarkable power of prayer.

Issue 22
Transforming the Seeds of Corruption

The renowned Christian lay monk and interfaith activist believed that if we are to survive as a species there must be a spiritual awakening of the human heart, one that transforms the core of limitation into the seeds of transformation.

Issue 19
The Divinization of the Cosmos

Brain Swimme in a discourse on the work and vision of Christian mystic, paleontologist, and pioneer of evolutionary spirituality Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Issue 19
The e'M'pire

A Carmelite monk speaks passionately about the joys of living the holy life and the fulfillment found in renouncing what he calls the e'M'pire—the world of manipulation, mendacity, and mediocrity.

Issue 18
What Does It Mean to Renounce the World?
Featuring Interviews with Father William McNamara and H.H. Penor Rinpoche
Issue 18
The Enemy Within

What would Christianity's Desert Fathers have had to say about the ego in spiritual life? WIE travels to a remote Greek Orthodox hermitage to speak with an inspired modern-day renunciate about the passion for purification that burns at the heart of this ancient tradition.

Issue 17
Could Christ Have Been a Woman?

The late Trappist monk and teacher of centering prayer spoke passionately about realizing our innate divinity, which simultaneously transcends and celebrates gender.

Issue 16
God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Reigning three-time Heavyweight Champion of the World Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield on his passion for the Holy Spirit, the higher purpose of his work—and how he knew, against all odds, that he was going to defeat Mike Tyson.

Issue 15
The Heart of the Matter
A Dialogue between Father Thomas Keating and Andrew Cohen

A venerated Trappist monk and leader of the Christian contemplative prayer movement explains why “celibacy is not just about chastity. It's about manifesting, in everything we do, the unconditional love of God.”

Issue 13
A Revolution of Authority
From a dialogue with Brother David Steindl-Rast

David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk commonly regarded as Thomas Merton's successor in the Christian contemplative tradition, speaks about the essential nature of true spiritual authority.

Issue 9
Such People We Have Never Seen
A Meeting with Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, Head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain speaks about the mystery of silent contemplation and the preeminence of the true spiritual master.

Issue 9
The Fire of Freedom
A brief (and slightly speculative) three-thousand-year history of women's spiritual uprisings and their impact on Western culture
Issue 37
Spiritual but not Religious
Moving beyond postmodern spirituality
Issue 31
Vanguard Generation
An Ironic Army
Can two recent books about young people and spirituality—Dharma Punx and Red Moon Rising—help Gen Y overcome irony and apathy in order to save the world?

Issue 25
The Great Work
Reviewed by Susan Bridle

Susan Bridle considers eco-theologian Thomas Berry's resounding call to our ecological conscience.

Issue 19
No Man's Land

“I don't think about men. I really don't care about them. I'm concerned with women's capacities.” A former Christian theologian and one of the most original and radical feminist thinkers of our time dismisses any attempt to include men in a discussion of gender and spirituality.

Issue 16