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A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality
Three centuries of progressive thinkers reveal that evolution has always been a fundamentally spiritual concept
Issue 35
The REAL Evolution Debate
Everything you always wanted to know about evolution but the mass media wouldn’t tell you
Issue 35
A God-Shaped Hole at the Heart of Our Being
An interview with evolutionary theologian John F
Issue 35
Even the Heavens Are Not Immortal
An Alluring Vision of Death
Issue 30
The Resonance of Awakening
The Guru and the Pandit

The importance of how the spiritual experience is interpreted is the focus of this conversation between Cohen and Wilber. They examine the impact of evolution on both culture and spirituality and delve into the nature of enlightenment in a world of evolving form.

Issue 28
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
In Memoriam
Issue 27
The God I Believe In
Mario Cuomo on pacifism, faith, and Teilhard de Chardin
Issue 26
Why Sri Aurobindo Is Cool
WIE proves that sometimes even dead gurus kick ass

A freewheeling tour through the fascinating life and work of one of the twentieth century's greatest evolutionary pioneers.

Issue 21
A Song that Goes on Singing

This contemporary Christian contemplative, passionate scientist, and philosopher speaks about the creative impulse behind the evolutionary design of the universe.

Issue 21
From the Editors
Issue 21
The Evolution of Enlightenment
The Guru and the Pandit

In this, the inaugural dialogue of a new serialized feature of WIE, integral philosopher Ken Wilber and WIE founder Andrew Cohen talk together about the implications of enlightenment in an evolving universe.

Issue 21
On Darwin, Evolution, and the Perfect Man

Believe it or not, this trailblazing yogi (who first brought Vedanta to the West) had studied Western evolutionary theory and developed a spiritual critique of Darwin—in 1898!

Issue 21
The Divinization of the Cosmos

Brain Swimme in a discourse on the work and vision of Christian mystic, paleontologist, and pioneer of evolutionary spirituality Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Issue 19
Death, Rebirth, and Everything in Between
A scientific and philosophical exploration
Issue 32
Will Spring and Summer No Longer Come?
The future demands a new worldview

WIE's Elizabeth Debold spoke with systems theory pioneer Dr. Ervin Laszlo about his vision for the future of the planet and of a new paradigm of universal interconnectedness.

Issue 26
Preachers of a New Pentecost
Two evangelists of evolutionary spirituality are carrying the message of science and spirit to grassroots Christianity and beyond

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd are traveling the ancient missionary path with a radical new message: the science of evolution may be the key to a worldwide spiritual revival.

Issue 25
The Inside Story
From the Editors
Issue 23
The Challenge of Our Moment
A Roundtable Discussion with Don Beck, Brian Swimme, & Peter Senge

WIE calls on some of today's most pioneering evolutionary minds in geopolitics, cosmology, organizational development, and spirituality to help us understand how humanity can move forward amidst the multifaceted challenges of our moment in history.

Issue 23