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The Evolution of Spirituality

Exploring the leading edge of human consciousness, God, and the future of the universe

The cosmos is constantly in motion. Our universe is expanding and evolving, refining itself over time. From the Big Bang forward, energy became matter, and from matter, life emerged. Today, in the awakening human, our self-aware consciousness is beginning to emerge, revealing new potentials for human spiritual, cultural, and even global evolution and transformation.

It is with this spirit of uncontainable positivity that we would like to present some of the leading voices, past and present, of the emerging expression of our innate human desire to excel, to do more and go higher, to create order where there is chaos, and love where there is hate.

  • Is there an emerging global consciousness? Will it help us meet the ever-increasing complexity of our 21st-century world?
  • Discover a unique vision of human evolution, life, and destiny that is as thrilling as it is challenging, utterly cosmic, and absolutely relevant.
  • Find out what 20th-century guru Sri Aurobindo, futurist Ray Kurzweil, and radical cosmologist Brian Swimme think about the future of consciousness—and the cosmos.

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I believe that What Is Enlightenment? is perhaps the finest magazine available on the topic of spirituality, modern and ancient. It is not afraid to challenge sacred cows or postmodern clichés; it cuts through to the very heart of the matter. Ken Wilber
Founder, Integral Institute

Evolutionary Spirituality

The spiritual impulse and its realization—the mystical experience—have remained unchanged throughout human history. But leaps in our understanding of the nature of the universe, from Darwin to the Big Bang, have fundamentally altered the way we view ourselves and our universe. Learn how these new perspectives are giving rise to an entirely new and often radical understanding of spirituality.

The Evolution of Enlightenment

Ken Wilber & Andrew Cohen

In this, the inaugural dialogue of a new serialized feature of WIE, integral philosopher Ken Wilber and WIE founder Andrew Cohen talk together about the implications of enlightenment in an evolving universe.

The Divinization of the Cosmos

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Brain Swimme in a discourse on the work and vision of Christian mystic, paleontologist, and pioneer of evolutionary spirituality Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Why Sri Aurobindo Is Cool

Craig Hamilton

A freewheeling tour through the fascinating life and work of one of the twentieth century's greatest evolutionary pioneers.

On Darwin, Evolution, and the Perfect Man

Swami Vivekananda

Believe it or not, this trailblazing yogi (who first brought Vedanta to the West) had studied Western evolutionary theory and developed a spiritual critique of Darwin—in 1898!

The Evolution of Consciousness

Consciousness is a fascinating and mysterious part of evolution’s puzzle—perhaps even the highest expression of existence in the universe. Is the emergence of our self-reflexive consciousness the key to the future of humanity, and ultimately, of all life?

Comprehensive Compassion

Brian Swimme

A visionary cosmologist explains why this may be the most critical yet potentially transformative time on the planet in 65 million years.

Suggestions of a Larger Purpose

Robert Wright

The insightful author of The Moral Animal and Nonzero reflects on the dynamics of evolution and speculates about an emerging global consciousness.

Will Spring and Summer No Longer Come?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo

WIE's Elizabeth Debold spoke with systems theory pioneer Dr. Ervin Laszlo about his vision for the future of the planet and of a new paradigm of universal interconnectedness.

Flow with Soul

Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This Hungarian-born painter, psychologist, and evolutionary thinker speaks about the flowering of human creativity and our potential to give meaning to the evolutionary process.

Toward Homo Noeticus

John White

An evolutionary thinker gazes into the near future and sees the advent of a new kind of human being.

The Evolution of the Cosmos

There are many ways to approach the subject of cosmic evolution, from the purely mystical to the philosophical and the scientific. It is possible, however, to combine these apparently divergent views into an integrated and transcendent whole, as demonstrated by the esteemed individuals presented below.

The Resonance of Awakening

Ken Wilber & Andrew Cohen

The importance of how the spiritual experience is interpreted is the focus of this conversation between Cohen and Wilber. They examine the impact of evolution on both culture and spirituality and delve into the nature of enlightenment in a world of evolving form.

A Song that Goes on Singing

Dr. Beatrice Bruteau

This contemporary Christian contemplative, passionate scientist, and philosopher speaks about the creative impulse behind the evolutionary design of the universe.

The Café at the Beginning of the Universe

Howard Bloom

One of today's most imaginative minds plays cosmic (and comic) tour guide through the formative moments of the universe, hinting at wild surprises yet to come.