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The End of the World as We Know It?
WIE talks with futurist John Petersen about 2012, peak oil, and the future of our planet
Issue 37
Diet to Save a Planet
Taking On Global Warming Pound by Pound
Issue 37
Global Governance: Fantasy or Future Reality?
New models are forcing pundits, theorists, and leaders to consider the viability of a world government

Issue 36
Designing Utopia
All over the world, designers are becoming optimists, working together on new solutions to the planetís worst crises
Issue 32
Our Task is Not Complete
A recent gathering of Nobel Peace laureates displays a potent blend of spirituality, morality, and politics
Issue 29
A New Consciousness For a World In Crisis
Geopolitical activist Dr. Don Beck shines new light on our greatest global challenges

From AIDS in Africa to the war in Iraq, Don Beck provides surprising insight into the cultural forces driving the news of the day.

Issue 28
Is God a Pacifist?
Exploring the Meaning of Peace, Nonviolence, and Pacifism in a Post 9/11 World

Is peace the answer to a world in chaos? Against the backdrop of 9/11 and Iraq, WIE asks the hard questions about just wars and religious violence, and explores the relationship between our deepest spiritual principles and the politics of an evolving global society.

Issue 26
New Age Wake-Up Call
Politics makes a splash at Omega Institute's latest conference
Issue 26
Tearing Pages from the Bible
Why environmental destruction is an offense against God
Issue 26
Will Spring and Summer No Longer Come?
The future demands a new worldview

WIE's Elizabeth Debold spoke with systems theory pioneer Dr. Ervin Laszlo about his vision for the future of the planet and of a new paradigm of universal interconnectedness.

Issue 26
A New Challenge for Interfaith
A Christian monk has a plan for how to deal with Al-Qaeda (Hint: It doesn't involve invading anyone)
Issue 25
Human Purpose and the Field of the Future
Issue 25
America as Empire
The founder of the State of the World Forum examines the way American power is shaping our geopolitical future

Will America be remembered as the architect of the world's first global democracy or as a power-hungry rogue nation that precipitates a tragedy of epic proportions?

Issue 24
The Inside Story
From the Editors
Issue 23
Faster Forward
Impressions of Our Emerging Future

From the far out to the close at hand, four futurists zoom out for a bird's eye view on the global changes we're experiencing now and can anticipate in the future—each outlining both the unprecedented challenges and mind-spinning opportunities humanity faces in the minutes and years to come

Issue 23
The Challenge of Our Moment
A Roundtable Discussion with Don Beck, Brian Swimme, & Peter Senge

WIE calls on some of today's most pioneering evolutionary minds in geopolitics, cosmology, organizational development, and spirituality to help us understand how humanity can move forward amidst the multifaceted challenges of our moment in history.

Issue 23
Can Religion Save Us?
Tradition, Transcendence, and Ultimate Reality

Read why one of the most revered scholars of world religion thinks that, in the face of apocalyptic times, our future salvation may be out of this world.

Issue 23
Enlightenment at the Speed of Life
How does the experience of enlightenment itself respond to the changing life conditions of the twenty-first century?

How can the changeless realization of enlightenment help humanity cope with our world of accelerating change? Twelve contemporary spiritual teachers bring timeless wisdom to bear on this twenty-first-century dilemma.

Issue 23
Traditions on the Edge
Can the past meet the future?

Enter a multidimensional journey through history, cyberspace (and small-town America) as a broad spectrum of religious authorities takes on the burning question: How can the world's great traditions cope with the complexities of human life in the 21st century and beyond?

Issue 23
Visions of the Future
The Arlington Institute Looks at the World of Tomorrow

Surprising scenarios of promise and peril from John Petersen, founder of futurist think tank, the Arlington Institute.

Issue 23
For the Sake of the Future
Seven Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Speak About Their Hopes for Humanity

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and others.

Issue 21
Come Together
Introduction to this issue
Issue 19
The Great Work
Reviewed by Susan Bridle

Susan Bridle considers eco-theologian Thomas Berry's resounding call to our ecological conscience.

Issue 19
From the Editors
Issue 19
The Breaking Point

An evolutionary activist warns us that the fragile systems of our biosphere and global human community are rapidly nearing “the breaking point.”

Issue 19
I'm Optimistic

This Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist has a dazzling vision of a 2050 society and some bold ideas to get us there.

Issue 19
From What Is to What Ought to Be

“The spiritual power of the universe is not a morally neutral force,” declares revolutionary spiritual activist Michael Lerner in this provocative dialogue with Andrew Cohen on Judaism, enlightenment, and saving the world.

Issue 19
Toward Homo Noeticus

An evolutionary thinker gazes into the near future and sees the advent of a new kind of human being.

Issue 19
Where Are the Women? Part III
Beyond the Divine Feminine
Issue 32
Our Collective Awakening and the Politics of Consciousness

According to evolutionary activist Duane Elgin, the most vital determining factor in our collective awakening is not mystical experience . . . itís television.

Issue 25
Transforming the Seeds of Corruption

The renowned Christian lay monk and interfaith activist believed that if we are to survive as a species there must be a spiritual awakening of the human heart, one that transforms the core of limitation into the seeds of transformation.

Issue 19