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EnlightenNext magazine is not a spiritual magazine.

Well, it’s not just a spiritual magazine. It is a spiritual, cultural, philosophical, and otherwise category-busting magazine committed to bringing a new perspective to politics, business, science, the arts, and the environment.

EnlightenNext magazine is the engaged, evolutionary movement that has emerged from our passionate pursuit of the question of what enlightenment really is, and what it means in the world today.

At its core, EnlightenNext magazine is about finding new ways to think: new answers to the difficult questions that are the challenge of our moment in history. Those answers, we strongly believe, can only be found by looking freshly at the emerging reality around us, without relying on older solutions that were sufficient for simpler problems.

And what we need are not just answers, but new ways to find those answers. This is the real mission of EnlightenNext magazine, for which we need not only radical individual creativity, but radical collective engagement.

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There are many ways to join the EnlightenNext magazine culture. You can subscribe to the magazine, join the WIE Unbound broadcast service, or donate your time or money. We even have discussion forums, called Enlightened Communication, in cities the world over.

We need you! Your participation in this evolutionary unfolding is the key to its success.

Who are we?

EnlightenNext magazine is produced by a surprisingly small team, many of whom are volunteers. Our work is inspired by and guided by Andrew Cohen, who is the visionary, creative driver, and revolutionary spirit behind the EnlightenNext magazine mission.

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Founder of EnlightenNext magazine, Andrew Cohen, is widely recognized as a defining voice in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality.

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