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Issue 47  /  2011
The Cosmic Dimensions of Love
Exploring the hidden depths of the evolutionary process
Featuring: Brian Swimme; Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen; profiles of the “grande dames” of conscious evolution with Gary Lachman on the extraordinary life of Madame Blavatsky and Peter Heehs on The Mother’s evolutionary vision; a full-length interview with British eco-futurist Hardin Tibbs; Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen on spiritual leadership; an interview with Mother Clare; gypsy-punk evolutionaries; and more.

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table of contents
Andrew Cohen
Letter from Founder and Editor in Chief

Andrew Cohen



Eros, Buddha, and the Spectrum of Love

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

Love is a hot topic in the world of progressive spirituality, but you haven’t heard anyone discuss it like the Guru and the Pandit. Distinguishing between love’s personal, cultural, and cosmic dimensions, they explore how this primordial force gives rise to every new emergence in the evolutionary process.

The Powers of the Universe

Where does your self end and the universe begin? A popular cosmologist defines the eleven principles of cosmic evolution that have led from the fiery cataclysm of the Big Bang to the human intelligence now perceiving this page.

by Brian Swimme

Hardin Tibbs
Dreams of an Eco-Spiritual Futurist

A conversation with British sustainability strategist Hardin Tibbs
From nuclear energy and geoengineering to breakthrough technologies and the spiritualization of twenty-first-century environmentalism, a visionary whole-systems thinker tackles some of the biggest questions and controversies in the green world today.

by Ross Robertson

PLUS: Buckminster Fuller: First Poet of Technology

Madame Blavatsky
The Inimitable Madame B.

In the mysterious universe of esoteric spirituality, no figure looms larger than the legendary Madame Blavatsky. Occult scholar Gary Lachman explores the amazing life and times of this globetrotting, nineteenth-century psychic, circus performer, cultural revolutionary, and spiritual pioneer.

by Gary Lachman

The Mother
The Mother’s Evolutionary Vision

In 1926, India’s renowned evolutionary sage Sri Aurobindo declared a French woman named Mirra Alfassa—a.k.a. “the Mother”—to be his spiritual equal. Aurobindian expert Peter Heehs tells the tale of how the Mother became one of the most intriguing woman mystics of the last century.

by Peter Heehs

Andrew Cohen and Deepak Chopra
On Spiritual Leadership

What does it mean to take a stand for Spirit in an often disbelieving world? Two evolutionary pathfinders discuss the dynamic challenges of stepping far beyond the status quo to pioneer a post-traditional, post-secular spirituality.

by Andrew Cohen and Deepak Chopra

Gogol Bordello
PULSE: News from an emerging culture

New documentary films ask big questions, give vague answers; the gypsy-punk rock of Gogol Bordello; top ten wacky spiritual workshops; John Haught’s Making Sense of Evolution; Brett McCracken’s Hipster Christianity; Bernard Haisch’s Purpose-Guided Universe; The Onion warns of Buddhist threats and the ghost of Carl Sagan; who to follow on Twitter; and more.

Voices from the Edge
Voices from the Edge

The Mirror of the Cosmos
Is cosmology a form of theology for a secular age?
by Mark Vernon

Pure Scenius
The World of EnlightenNext

Pure Scenius
The Future of EnlightenNext . . . LIVE!

The EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle
From virtual seminars to our first live conference, find out what EnlightenNext has in store beyond the printed page.

Melissa Hoffman

Inspired by EnlightenNext
Featuring Melissa Hoffman, architect of Vermont’s innovative Teal Farm.

“Honoring the Deepest Part of Myself”
A short interview with Nadia Manzoor about her transformative experience at the 2010 Being & Becoming Retreat.

Mother Clare Watts
Natural Selection

Speaking of Books with Mother Clare Watts
by Elizabeth Debold

The Eerie Silence by Paul Davies
Review by James N. Gardner


Evolutionary Enlightenment
Seek Until You Find

by Andrew Cohen