Brian Swimme

The Story of the Universe


Evolution isn't something that only happened in the past—it's a dynamic force that continues to rule the universe and everything in it.

Cosmologist Brian Swimme tells the real story of cosmic evolution starting with the Big Bang itself. He traces the miraculous path of genesis from its explosive origins to the formation of galaxies, planets, and finally, after 13.7 billion years, to the emergence of human life. Unique among all creation (at least as far as we know) is our innate capacity for what he calls “comprehensive compassion.” For Swimme, this extraordinary ability to care not just for our own life, but for all of life, carries with it the hope of planet Earth and the future potential of our self-aware universe.

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Susan Bridle


Recorded on: 10/27/2000


General Evolutionary Spirituality
Science and Spirituality
Species Extinction
Evolution of Consciousness
Evolutionary Theories


The Story of the Universe

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