Edgar Mitchell

The Quantum Hologram


When Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to have walked on the moon, was returning to earth, the sight of its blue-green brilliance piercing the blackness of space triggered in him an epiphany so profound that the course of his life would be forever altered. Since then, he has dedicated his time, talents, and scientific knowledge to an ongoing inquiry into the metaphysical nature of the universe. In this dialogue with WIE editor Jessica Roemischer, recorded at the Quest for Global Healing Conference in Bali, 2004, Mitchell describes some of the cutting-edge theories concerning the ultimate origin, purpose, and future of the cosmos and the conscious intelligence he believes pervades it. Mitchell delves into the intricacies of quantum holograms, the interconnectedness of matter, energy, and consciousness, and the supposition that an intelligent self-organizing principle lies at the heart of all creation.

For more about the Quest for Global Healing conference in Bali, please visit the Cross Cultural Journeys website or the Bali Institute website.

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Recorded on: 12/8/2004


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The Quantum Hologram

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