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Carter Phipps & Jeff Carreira

A Collective Experiment in Conscious Evolution


EnlightenNext—formerly What Is Enlightenment?—is more than just a magazine. Over the past two decades, editor in chief and spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and a group of his students have been involved in an ongoing exploration into what it takes to live a truly enlightened life that is completely relevant to our twenty-first-century world. In many ways, the magazine has been an outward reflection of this inquiry, bringing together insights from leading spiritual teachers, scientists, philosophers, activists, and other visionaries to make sense out of enlightenment and the human experience at this time in history.

In this special Unbound release, recorded during the 2008 Integral Leadership in Action conference in Boulder, Colorado, we get an insider’s perspective on this long-term experiment in conscious evolution from two of Cohen’s closest students: Jeff Carreira, EnlightenNext’s director of education, and Carter Phipps, executive editor of EnlightenNext magazine. Offering a fascinating history of the magazine, Carreira and Phipps describe how the insights in its pages have both informed and been informed by their collective spiritual practice. Refreshingly intimate and full of spiritual passion, they offer a rare depiction of the many struggles and hard-won victories that have defined the ongoing evolution of EnlightenNext, the magazine and the organization.

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