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The Ultimate Black Belt Test

At a time when the gospel of self-acceptance is leading to ever-lowering expectations, an audacious martial arts training program strives to replace mediocrity with mastery.

Issue 31
Moral Hierarchy
The key to evolving consciousness
Issue 31
Real Gurus “Couldn't care less”
The dilemma of an Eastern master in a postmodern world
Issue 31
The Transmission of Consciousness
Reviving the Role of the Spiritual Master
Issue 31
Laying the Tracks for a Moving Train
Revelation, Right View, and the Challenge of Conscious Evolution

In this, their 11th exchange, Cohen and Wilber explore how transformation is sustained in people. This leads to a discussion about the value of both spiritual experience and the framework in which experience is interpreted, and how each can lead to enlightenment.

Issue 31
A Vision of Soul Consciousness
Dadi Janki describes how her teacher awakened her to the life Divine
Issue 31
Women Who Sleep with Their Gurus ... and Why They Love It

There's a lot more to guru sex scandals than innocent victims fallen prey to unscrupulous teachers. Whether they're after wealth, security, social status, or enlightenment, women love men at the top, and they have for four million years.

Issue 26
The Future of the Student-Teacher Relationship
Definitely NOT Just a Book Review of Mariana Caplan's Do You Need A Guru?

Are we savvy and self-aware postmoderns too hip and too independent to need a guru? Can we re-vision the student-teacher relationship for the twenty-first century? WIE takes a close look at one new approach to this controversial topic.

Issue 23
When You Go Beyond the Ego You Become an Offering to the World

Known around the world as a radiant embodiment of unconditional love, Ammachi literally hugs everyone who comes to see her. But her disciples also know her to be a fierce and demanding guru. This captivating interview with one of India's greatest contemporary saints asks: What is compassion in the face of the ego?

Issue 17
Yoga, Ego and Purification

In this groundbreaking interview—his first since being asked to step down as the director and spiritual teacher of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health five years ago—a world-renowned yogi speaks candidly with Andrew Cohen about yoga, purification and the dynamics of trust in the student/teacher relationship.

Issue 17
Sally and Jade

“Once made, this love is made forever.” Two of Barry Long's former consorts tell us what it's like to be in relationship with a tantric master.

Issue 13
A Tragic Passion
Issue 10
The Teacher and Liberation Should Be One and the Same
Three articles by Andrew Cohen
Issue 9
Spiritual Slavery and the Prostitution of the Soul
A Dialogue with Andrew Cohen
Issue 9
A Revolution of Authority
From a dialogue with Brother David Steindl-Rast

David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk commonly regarded as Thomas Merton's successor in the Christian contemplative tradition, speaks about the essential nature of true spiritual authority.

Issue 9
Questioning the New Paradigm
From the Editors
Issue 9
The Kramer Papers: A Look Behind the Mask of Antiauthoritarianism
A personal account of a meeting with the authors of The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power

Meeting the authors of The Guru Papers

Issue 9
Such People We Have Never Seen
A Meeting with Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, Head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain speaks about the mystery of silent contemplation and the preeminence of the true spiritual master.

Issue 9
I Am not the Body; I Am the Soul
Breaking Limits with Sri Chinmoy

Find out how multi-Guinness-world-record-holder Ashrita Furman, a mild-mannered limitation-buster, is capable of accomplishing feats most of us couldn't—or wouldn't—even imagine.

Issue 22