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Prayer Doesn’t Work
A new study on the healing power of prayer raises as many questions as it answers
Issue 35
Watching Silence
A film in which nothing much happens is packing movie houses
Issue 33
Lifestyles of the Rich & Flexible
An excursion into America's newest yoga trend
Issue 31
Between Bliss and Devastation
Excerpts from an interview with Fleet Maull

In a series of stark vignettes told against the backdrop of fourteen years as a federal prisoner, this close student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche captures both the pain of self-betrayal and the ecstasy of self-discovery.

Issue 29
27,000 Miles to Buddhahood
The Tendai Monks of Mount Hiei take the ultramarathon to a whole new level
The Tendai monks of Mount Hiei take the ultramarathon to a whole new level. Written by Pete Bampton.
Issue 25
Why Sri Aurobindo Is Cool
WIE proves that sometimes even dead gurus kick ass

A freewheeling tour through the fascinating life and work of one of the twentieth century's greatest evolutionary pioneers.

Issue 21
At Play in the Fields of the Lord

“American” and “spiritual” may seem to be antithetical terms. But to the cofounder of Omega Institute and author of The New American Spirituality, the democracy and diversity of this modern materialistic nation may prove to be fertile ground for a new, world-embracing spiritual path.

Issue 18
Integral Transformative Practice: In This World or Out of It?

One of the most insightful philosophers of our times—the man who had the audacity to write a book entitled A Brief History of Everything—raises some intriguing questions about the relationship between relative spiritual practices and the direct realization of the nondual.

Issue 18
Just Do It!

“Who would you rather live with-an enlightened person who acted crazy or a crazy person who acted enlightened?” A former champion gymnast and author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Everyday Enlightenment insists that in real spirituality, actions speak louder than words.

Issue 15
Integrating the Big Bang

What is the result when enlightened master Ramana Maharshi is merged with champion bodybuilder Frank Zane? The cofounder of Esalen Institute describes his all-embracing “integral approach” to the realization of our human evolutionary potential.

Issue 15
A Mind Like Water

“When I see my opponents fly through the air and fall at my feet without conscious effort on my part, I realize that I am a partaker of something greater than I can comprehend.” A poet, spiritual teacher and black-belt master of the Bushido way describes the astonishing effects of profound Self-realization on the human capacity for mental and physical mastery.

Issue 15
God's Playing a New Game
Integral Spirituality, Evolutionary Enlightenment, and the Future of Religion

Andrew Cohen’s twenty years of experience as a spiritual teacher provides dynamic counterpoint to Ken Wilber’s comprehensive integral theory. The result is more than an exchange of ideas, as “guru and pandit” bring their rigorous inquiry and passion to this lively exploration of Wilber’s new manifesto.

Issue 33
Creating the Future
The Guru and the Pandit

Cohen and Wilber take to the stage in Denver, Colorado, and explore the future of enlightenment—they also field a wide assortment of questions and articulate commentary from the audience—in their first-ever public dialogue.

Issue 32
Sacrifice Is the Language of Love
The Incredible Story of a Modern-Day Saint
Issue 32
The Transmission of Consciousness
Reviving the Role of the Spiritual Master
Issue 31
Islamic Vegetarians Fight the System
The conflict between factory farming practices and Islamic law
is leading many Muslims to eat more vegetables

The conflict between factory farming and Islamic law is leading many Muslims to eat more vegetables.

Issue 28
The Fundamental Urge of the Universe
Human potential pioneer Michael Murphy sounds off on the new evolutionary worldview
Issue 25
Where Two or Three Are Gathered in My Name
Excerpted from the Book: Father Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father

Witness a modern miracle as Father Arseny, a Russian Orthodox priest imprisoned for over twenty years in Stalin's death camps, demonstrates the remarkable power of prayer.

Issue 22
I Am not the Body; I Am the Soul
Breaking Limits with Sri Chinmoy

Find out how multi-Guinness-world-record-holder Ashrita Furman, a mild-mannered limitation-buster, is capable of accomplishing feats most of us couldn't—or wouldn't—even imagine.

Issue 22