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Creative Friction
Community and the Utopian Impulse in a Post-postmodern World

Andrew Cohen & Ken Wilber in dialogue
Issue 36
Spiritual but not Religious
Moving beyond postmodern spirituality
Issue 31
The Actualization of Divinity

UN activist and spiritual leader Audrey Kitagawa makes an impassioned plea for moral responsibility.

Issue 27
Will Spring and Summer No Longer Come?
The future demands a new worldview

WIE's Elizabeth Debold spoke with systems theory pioneer Dr. Ervin Laszlo about his vision for the future of the planet and of a new paradigm of universal interconnectedness.

Issue 26
The Globalization of Morality
Robert Wright explores the challenges of terrorism and the evolution of human ethics
Issue 26
A Song that Goes on Singing

This contemporary Christian contemplative, passionate scientist, and philosopher speaks about the creative impulse behind the evolutionary design of the universe.

Issue 21
Come Together
Introduction to this issue
Issue 19
Comprehensive Compassion

A visionary cosmologist explains why this may be the most critical yet potentially transformative time on the planet in 65 million years.

Issue 19
Getting to a Deeper YES
Higher wisdom goes to Harvard Law School
Issue 31
A Kind of Innocence We'd Never Seen Before
When huge audiences voyage together through rock and roll heaven, where are they going, and what does it all mean?
Issue 25
The Ethics of Interdependence

The Dalai Lama explains why we need to create a new form of ethics based on the reality of our interdependence.

Issue 24
From What Is to What Ought to Be

“The spiritual power of the universe is not a morally neutral force,” declares revolutionary spiritual activist Michael Lerner in this provocative dialogue with Andrew Cohen on Judaism, enlightenment, and saving the world.

Issue 19
The e'M'pire

A Carmelite monk speaks passionately about the joys of living the holy life and the fulfillment found in renouncing what he calls the e'M'pire—the world of manipulation, mendacity, and mediocrity.

Issue 18