Arjuna Ardagh

Deeksha: The Oneness Blessing - Part Two


Following last week’s excursion into the fast-growing world of deeksha, or the “oneness blessing,” spiritual teacher Arjuna Ardagh and WIE founder Andrew Cohen continue their exchange. Ardagh is author of Awakening into Oneness and founder of the Living Essence Foundation in Nevada City, California. As he explained in the first part of their conversation, deeksha is a simple technique that has the power to change one’s consciousness by a transmission of energy that can supposedly alter the brain itself.

In Part Two, Ardagh reveals the subtler aspects of the deeksha phenomenon, which has catalyzed a popular spiritual movement across the globe. He explains how deeper states of deeksha manifest in certain individuals and describes the unlimited potential that enthusiasts of the technique believe it holds. The discussion then centers on the source and nature of the blessing itself. If deeksha is really a direct transmission from the divine, does that mean there is some benevolent entity or intelligence out there caring for us?

In this unique dialogue, these two spiritual teachers get to the heart of deeksha and why it has such a huge appeal for thousands of people throughout the world.

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