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Throwing Water at the Clouds
The Mysterious Powers of Pilot Baba

Are miracles real? A modern-day Indian yogi makes a convincing case for the supernatural. Written by Craig Hamilton.

Issue 24
Where Two or Three Are Gathered in My Name
Excerpted from the Book: Father Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father

Witness a modern miracle as Father Arseny, a Russian Orthodox priest imprisoned for over twenty years in Stalin's death camps, demonstrates the remarkable power of prayer.

Issue 22
In Search of Babaji
WIE Tracks Down the Elusive Yogi-Christ of the Himalayas
Issue 21
The Hour of My Coming
Millenial Myths and Modern Messiahs

Who—or what—will guide humanity safely to the promised golden age? An entertaining and scholarly treatise on visions of the apocalypse, the future salvation of the world, and the messianic dreams of the twenty-first century. Featuring interviews with self-proclaimed messiahs, millennial scholars, religious experts, Indian avatars, and more...

Issue 23