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From New Age to Abu Ghraib
Lock and load your incense burners—a recent book unveils how the U
Issue 32
Lifestyles of the Rich & Flexible
An excursion into America's newest yoga trend
Issue 31
The New Age of Islam
An enterprising Turkish Webzine fans the winds of change in the Middle East
Issue 31
A 21st century love story
Part VI: Compassion vs. Kundalini

As Evan strives to awaken his kundalini on the banks of the holy Ganges, Ella discovers that Buddhism can make you happier—especially if there's a hot Tibetan guy involved.

Issue 29
God Goes to the Movies
With the Spiritual Cinema Circle, a higher form of entertainment is in the mail
Issue 29
The Vatican Crusades Against the New Age
A new report criticizing alternative spirituality
is surprisingly insightful

A papal report criticizing alternative spirituality is surprisingly insightful.

Issue 28
A 21st century love story
Part V: India Strikes Back

Life sucks for Evan when Ella ditches him in Calcutta, but hers does too, once her meditation teacher decides to work more closely with her.

Issue 28
Synchronicity Goes To Hollywood
Searching for a postmodern religion on the set of The Celestine Prophecy: The Movie

A decade after taking the publishing world by storm, James Redfield's runaway bestseller is making its long-awaited leap to the silver screen. Our intrepid reporter takes you behind the scenes in Florida for the inside story.

Issue 27
A People's Revolution of Enlightenment: Kabbalah
Ancient mysticism hits the bigtime at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has been picking up more celebrities than a ski lift in Aspen, but what's the real story behind its success? Discover how one of the world's most esoteric mystical traditions has become a global pop phenomenon.

Issue 27
New Age Wake-Up Call
Politics makes a splash at Omega Institute's latest conference
Issue 26
The Modern Spiritual Predicament

Are the great enlightenment teachings being watered down to appeal to our Western consumerist mentality? Includes an original article by Ken Wilber and interviews with Georg Feuerstein, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Deepak Chopra and NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu.

Issue 12
From the Editors
An Inquiry into the Popularization of East-Meets-West Spirituality
Issue 12
Taking the Quantum Leap... Too Far?
Not Just a Movie Review of What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Merging science and spirituality in a docudrama blend What the #$*! Do We Know?! is taking moviegoers on a wild tour of the surprising interconnections between psychology, biology, physics . . . and God.

Issue 27