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Getting Clear About Enlightenment
Not Just a Book Review of Arjuna Ardagh's The Translucent Revolution
Issue 31
SWF: Seeking “Spiritual but not Religious” Man
True love doesn't need to be a match made in heavenó
you can do it right online

True love doesn't need to be a match made in heaven—you can do it right online.

Issue 28
A People's Revolution of Enlightenment: Kabbalah
Ancient mysticism hits the bigtime at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has been picking up more celebrities than a ski lift in Aspen, but what's the real story behind its success? Discover how one of the world's most esoteric mystical traditions has become a global pop phenomenon.

Issue 27
Real Men Have Broken Hearts
If thousands of Christian men keep their promises, can they change the world?
Issue 27
God is a DJ
Robbie Wootton has a vision for spiritual nightlife from NYC to Shanghai
Issue 24
Breaking the Rules
The Guru and the Pandit

The West's foremost cartographer of consciousness joins the founder of WIE to discuss the anatomy of modern spiritual transformation. Together, they confront the prevailing cultural disposition that must be challenged if humans are to take the next evolutionary step.

Issue 22
A Call to Mediocrity

A review of two new releases: After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield and Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope

Issue 18
From the Editors
What Does It Mean To Be In the World but Not of It?
Issue 18
At Play in the Fields of the Lord

“American” and “spiritual” may seem to be antithetical terms. But to the cofounder of Omega Institute and author of The New American Spirituality, the democracy and diversity of this modern materialistic nation may prove to be fertile ground for a new, world-embracing spiritual path.

Issue 18
The New American Spirituality
Featuring an interview with Elizabeth Lesser and an article by Ken Wilber
Issue 18
Sid Arthur of Sausalito

A postmodern fable about the perennial question: Should I stay where I am or should I give up everything in order to devote myself entirely to the spiritual quest?

Issue 18
What Does It Mean to Transcend the World?
Featuring Interviews with Eckhart Tolle and Joseph Goldstein
Issue 18
Integral Transformative Practice: In This World or Out of It?

One of the most insightful philosophers of our times—the man who had the audacity to write a book entitled A Brief History of Everything—raises some intriguing questions about the relationship between relative spiritual practices and the direct realization of the nondual.

Issue 18
Issue 14
Absolutely Not!
An interview with Stephen Batchelor, Author of Buddhism without Beliefs

“Transcendence, to me, is a relative term.” A provocative inquiry into the nature of enlightenment with the renowned scholar and author of Buddhism without Beliefs.

Issue 14
The Roar of the Timeless Beyond

A distinguished Pali scholar asserts that the Buddha's transmission of “right view” was nothing less than a transcendent revelation.

Issue 14
In the Meantime ...

WIE asks one of America's leading exponents of transpersonal psychology if this contemporary form of psychotherapy can really take one beyond the personal.

Issue 14
You Have to Do It All

Is sex really a shortcut to enlightenment? A no-holds-barred discussion with the mother of modern tantra.

Issue 13
The Modern Spiritual Predicament

Are the great enlightenment teachings being watered down to appeal to our Western consumerist mentality? Includes an original article by Ken Wilber and interviews with Georg Feuerstein, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Deepak Chopra and NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu.

Issue 12
Dharma in the Marketplace

America's largest Buddhist publisher discusses the myth of millennialism and the challenges of spiritual publishing in the New Age.

Issue 12
The Disappearance of the Outside

A Romanian exile, social critic and poet talks about consumerism, spiritual subversion and the dangers of the seemingly real.

Issue 12
From the Editors
An Inquiry into the Popularization of East-Meets-West Spirituality
Issue 12
Releasing the Unspeakable Glory of the Absolute

“The degree to which we are willing to allow ourselves to respond to the call of the Absolute is the degree to which the explosive power of Truth and Love, unrestrained by the status quo, will make itself known in this world.”

Issue 12
A Spirituality that Transforms

America's foremost transpersonal theorist points beyond conventional religious pursuit to the revolutionary possibility of authentic spiritual transformation.

Issue 12
If Heaven Were a Place On Earth
A Pilgrimage to the 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions

What happens when 9,000 people from all walks of faith spend a week together crossing the cultural divide? A WIE team descends on Barcelona to take the pulse of religion at the dawn of the new millennium.

Issue 27
Just Do It!

“Who would you rather live with-an enlightened person who acted crazy or a crazy person who acted enlightened?” A former champion gymnast and author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Everyday Enlightenment insists that in real spirituality, actions speak louder than words.

Issue 15
Issue 14
From the Editors
Issue 13
Questioning the New Paradigm
From the Editors
Issue 9