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"There are not many magazines that I read from cover to cover... I never fail to gain and grow and, dare I say it, evolve through reading it. 'The Guru and the Pandit' always challenges me to aspire higher... I find myself embodying bits of so many of the articles in the magazine in my never ending quest. I am richer for the magazine. Thank you."


Sir John Whitmore, Executive Chairman of Performance Consultants and author

"No other magazine has such a depth and span of perspectives - allowing us to enquire deeply into our very nature, our cultural conditioning, our behaviour and our gifts to the world. It is itself a great, great gift to the world. It is the magazine for an evolving integral world."


Ewan Townhead, Co-founder Integral Europe

Magazine Issue 45: The Evolving Faces of God


The new issue of EnlightenNext is coming soon to a mailbox or newsstand near you, featuring Andrew Cohen, Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilber, Aliya Haeri, Jean M. Twenge, Jun Po Roshi, Terry Patten, Amit Goswami, and much more.


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