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Evolutionaries, runningThe UK EnlightenNext Centre in Islington is simultaneously a tranquil oasis and a thriving vortex of activity with public events ranging from meditation, discussions, films and a speaker series. Its unique character, combining 200 years of heritage with a very 21st century vision, has been consciously created to provide a dedicated forum for exploring the evolutionary enlightenment teachings of Andrew Cohen.


On coming to the Centre, visitors often sense an intriguing atmosphere which enriches the building-an unusual field of energy, depth and creativity that is born out of an inspired and collective engagement with the evolution of human consciousness. In this context, all of our programmes offer you the opportunity to engage with life in a radically new way.

Special Finale Webcast with Mike King


For more than two years UK Centre Managing Director Chris Parish and Kyrsten Perry, UK Director of Development, have been bringing the art of enlightened enquiry to hundreds of listeners with their popular weekly and fortnightly webcasts on Thursday evenings. Capping this long line of stimulating discussions, Parish and Perry held their last webcast of the year on 24 September. It was a true "grand finale", with special guest Dr. Mike King.

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An Evolutionary Day of Consciousness and Culture


On a bright, warm, end-of-summer day in central London, the EnlightenNext UK Centre was ablaze with conviviality, cultural inquiry, spiritual practice, music, song and more. On Saturday, 12 September, we opened our doors and celebrated the launch and continuation of the Discovery Cycle in the British Isles.

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An Evening of Spiritual Camaraderie & Joy in London by Carol Ann Raphael


We were honored to host Shaykh Fadhlala Haeri, his wife Aliya Haeri,, a Sufi master in her own right, and many of Shaykh Fadhlala's devoted students at our London EnlightenNext Centre recently. It was an evening of rare spiritual camaraderie and joy.

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Evolution, History, Culture and Me by Chris Parish


Some thoughts and reflections on human development focusing on England/Britain particularly (since I happen to be English) and seen through an evolutionary lens.

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08 Nov, 2009
Being & Becoming Day

10.30am - 6.00pm (registration from 10.00am)

£35 (inc. lunch)

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On Sunday, 8 November, Chris Parish, Kyrsten Perry and Patrick Bryson will present a special Being and Becoming Day at the UK Centre. This day is designed to expand on our regular Tuesday evenings, which present an experiential immersion in the timeless ground of being via a guided meditation followed by engagement with the dynamic freedom of the Authentic Self.

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12 Nov, 2009
Putting the Faith into Fundraising

First of four evening seminars aimed at the faith sector


Thursday 12 November, 6.00-8.30pm


First of series of four free evening seminars specifically aimed at the faith sector run by Midas and EnlightenNext. This is a unique chance to talk with experts and peers specifically about how faith sectors can raise much needed funds and to help faith-based charities to examine fundraising in the context of their work.


For more info: www.midasappeals.org.uk/home.htm

Magazine Issue 45: The Evolving Faces of God


The new issue of EnlightenNext is coming soon to a mailbox or newsstand near you, featuring Andrew Cohen, Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilber, Aliya Haeri, Jean M. Twenge, Jun Po Roshi, Terry Patten, Amit Goswami, and much more.


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