Twenty-first century teacher of enlightenment and the founder of EnlightenNext

Evolutionary Enlightenment is an original nonsectarian spiritual path for the 21st century. It enables individuals to dynamically engage in their own transformation and to come together with others to bring about a new and truly enlightened expression of human life. Evolutionary Enlightenment is a moral, philosophical, and spiritual framework that makes it possible to live ones life for the highest purpose: the evolution of consciousness itself.
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Engaging directly with Andrew offers a powerful opportunity to discover the transformative potential of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Andrew travels around the world every year giving public talks, day-long seminars, and three to ten day residential intensives.
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Follow the latest developments in Andrew’s life and work online at There you’ll find his personal blog, video dialogues with scholars and luminaries, recent teachings available for download, and a vast archive of written material.

Andrew is the author of numerous books, including Enlightenment Is A Secret, Living Enlightenment, and Embracing Heaven & Earth. He is founding editor of the award-winning magazine What Is Enlightenment?, and has published a wide variety of CDs and DVDs that present his teaching work, interviews, and dialogues.