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EnlightenNext World Center
PO Box 2360
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
tel: 413-637-6000 or
fax: 413-637-6015
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext New York
243 West 30th Street, 11th floor
New York, NY 10001
tel: 212-695-1711
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext Boston
38 Cameron Avenue, Suite 100
Cambridge, MA 02140 USA
tel: 617-492-4091
fax: 413-637-6015
email: [email protected]


EnlightenNext London
13 Windsor Street
Islington N1 8QG
United Kingdom
tel:: 44-020-7288-7000
fax: 44-020-7288-7001
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext Amsterdam
Oudeschans 46A
1011 LC Amsterdam
tel: 31-20-422-1616
fax: 31-20-422-2417
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext Paris
6 Place Adolphe Max
75009 Paris, France
tel: 33-1-42-82-91-13
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext Copenhagen
Rosendalsgade 11, kld.
2100 Copenhagen
tel: 45-3538-6676
fax: 45-3538-6076
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext Z?/a>
Culmannstrasse 20
8006 Z?br />Switzerland
+41-(0)43 268 09 01
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext Frankfurt
Kirchgarten Strasse 3
60439 Frankfurt
tel: 069 - 952 08 500
[email protected]

Israel & India

EnlightenNext Israel
25 Hanina Street
Jaffa 68137
tel: 03-681-1810
fax: 03-681-8269
email: [email protected]

EnlightenNext Rishikesh
PO Box 20
Distr. Tehri Garhwal
UP 249 192
tel: 91-135-2435-303
fax: 91-135-2435-302
email: [email protected]

Evolutionary Enlightenment is an original nonsectarian spiritual path for the 21st century. It enables individuals to dynamically engage in their own transformation and to come together with others to bring about a new and truly enlightened expression of human life. Evolutionary Enlightenment is a moral, philosophical, and spiritual framework that makes it possible to live ones life for the highest purpose: the evolution of consciousness itself. Andrew Cohen