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May 9: Special Online Event featuring Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber in a live Guru/Pandit webinar.
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    • The weekly EnlightenNext exploration is not a passive affair. It is part of a dynamic developmental program that’s been running weekly for over 18 months, connecting hundreds by phone lines and internet, building an intersubjective network and deepening our understanding.
    • US host and creator of the EnlightenNext Webcast Jeff Carreira brings his passion and experience building EnlightenNext’s Education Department to this growing evolutionary movement. Whether he’s teaching Evolutionary Enlightenment courses on the coast of Australia, training new teachers in Copenhagen, or finishing a full day or spiritual practice, work, and tough workout at the EnlightenNext World Center in Massachusetts, he’s been there to host the week’s call, guiding the discussions on these all-important topics.
    • Weekly discussions are hosted in Dutch, German, French, and Danish, and English (from the US and separately from London).
    • You can listen weekly, monthly, or even once a quarter and benefit from the developmental curriculum of the EnlightenNext Webcast. Call topics follow an annual program, divided into six week cycles, which guide you through a progressive exploration of the fundamental principles of individual and collective transformation.
    • Listen on your own or join one of the growing discussion groups at one of the eleven EnlightenNext Centers.
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“The call last night was fascinating. Encouraging us to widely imagine the scenario of the Big Bang, the potential from which it came, and the evolving consciousness which we intimately share. That is so energizing. My imagination gallops into new territory . . .” F.C., Costa Rica “When I finally realized I could listen to past broadcasts, I began downloading the calls. Astonishing! I don't just listen once or twice. I listen again and again. It is amazing how much I continue absorbing and even on downloaded calls I experience that thrilling oneness, ecstatic motivation, and deep caring.” K.P., Boise, ID “I'm attending the calls on Thursday nights and was able to do the virtual retreat. Your meditation instructions changed my meditation in an astounding and fundamental way. Nothing has been the same since. How can I thank you enough? I am with you guys. The teaching is alive for me, here, now, everyday in my own life.” J.P., New York