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When we realize that consciousness and culture are one, when the split between mind and matter is seem through in the deepest way, we can no longer see the inner without seeing the outer; we can no longer see the outer without seeing the inner.
- Andrew Cohen

If you're someone who feels compelled to change the world from the inside out, then you likely feel a burning desire to come together with others who share that same passion. The EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle will enable you to do just that. Through an annual retreat and conference—plus countless supporting activities—you will have the opportunity to join thousands of Evolutionaries from around the world and play a vitally important role in transforming human consciousness and culture. Read on to find out how you can participate.

Imagine What's Possible

As someone who sees and feels that the future is in our hands, you're aware that there's never been more potential for cultural transformation than at this moment in history. So many of us now have the tools, resources, and perspectives to actually create a new world—one based on a recognition that the “inner” and the “outer,” consciousness and culture, are one, and that who we are isn't separate from the 14-billion-year epic of cosmic evolution.

Because you're beginning to awaken to this cosmic perspective, you likely feel compelled to make your life a reflection of that evolutionary potential. But you also know that that in order to actually bring about such an important evolutionary shift on a collective level, you need to come together with others to take a significant leap forward.

Imagine what would be possible if thousands of people around the world all became integral expressions of enlightened awareness and evolutionary values...

What kind of culture might begin to emerge, beginning with our own transformation, and radiating out into the world through our shared inspiration, effort, and action? That question is exactly what you will be able to explore when you participate in the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle.

Creating a Vehicle for Continuous Transformation: Awakening Consciousness and Engaging Culture

Our goal with the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle is to create an actual manifestation of what enlightenment and spiritual transformation mean and look like today, in the twenty-first century. We're striving to demonstrate how the explosive realization that consciousness and culture are one—that our interiors affect the exterior, and vice versa—really does have the power to change our world for the better.

The EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle is organized around two major annual events: the Being and Becoming Retreat and the Conference for Evolutionaries. And while both will be rich and rewarding gatherings in themselves, they are also much more than that: two parts of one integral whole, two distinct poles of a much bigger project to develop and enact new human possibilities.

In essence, the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle is a far-reaching, inclusive opportunity for anyone who is interested in changing the world to deeply align with, and ongoingly contribute to, humanity's larger evolutionary journey.

It's a means for all of us to make sense out of life
in the deepest way possible, together...

...and to show that human beings really can relate to each other in a dramatically different way. If that sounds exciting to you, then keep reading to find out how you can participate.

The Being and Becoming Retreat:
Awakening Consciousness
July 25-August 16, 2020 Tuscany Italy

If we want to create a new culture, we have to be free of the old. But how do we do that? How can we let go of what's holding us back, and truly embrace an enlightened, evolutionary relationship to life?

The Being and Becoming Retreat, led by EnlightenNext founder and renowned spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, and held in beautiful Tuscany, Italy, will answer both of those questions with profound depth and clarity.

When you attend the retreat, you will:

  • Benefit from EnlightenNext's twenty years of experience awakening people to the liberating freedom and clarity of their own highest self
  • Immerse yourself in the life-changing depths of enlightened awareness
  • Experience the endless inspiration and creativity of the evolutionary impulse in yourself
  • Discover the thrill of seeing new interior structures emerge in a larger collective

Broken up into two ten-day sections, the Being and Becoming Retreat will begin by taking you into the deepest states of pure being—into the empty space of consciousness that was there before the universe began—through going very deeply into the experience of silent meditation.

Then, during the second ten-day period, you will make the transition from contemplating the timeless ground of being into a face-to-face encounter with the original cosmic urge to become, to take form, to evolve from nothing into something.

By the end of the retreat, you'll discover, like thousands of people who have been on EnlightenNext retreats in the past, that you're not the same person who entered. Your perspective on life—your own life, and life itself—will have changed. And you also will have played an important role in pushing forward the larger collective process that leads directly into the next stage of The EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle: The Conference for Evolutionaries.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone before deciding, please send an email to Mary Adams ( or call (413) 637-6079.

(You may register for the entire retreat or just one of the two ten-day segments. See link below for details.)

Click here to learn more about & register for the Being and Becoming Retreat

The Conference for Evolutionaries:
Engaging Culture
Spring 2010 in London, England

The second dimension of the Discovery Cycle jumps off from our collective inquiry into the nature and experience of consciousness itself. It delves into how and why culture has evolved—and where it's headed—which is a topic we've explored passionately in the pages of EnlightenNext magazine for over seventeen years.

In a sense, you might even think of the Conference for Evolutionaries as a live and in-person edition of EnlightenNext magazine. All of the dynamic and exciting inquiry that you read in the pages of EnlightenNext will infuse the conference with a spiritual passion and an intersubjective creative exploration.

How do we know? Because if there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's this: When cultural evolution becomes a conscious and deliberate intention, an extraordinary, almost unheard-of possibility starts to emerge.

That possibility is exactly what you will experience for yourself. And we're quite sure that as a result, you'll never see the world the same way again.

During the conference you will:

  • Learn from and engage with some of today’s most brilliant scientists, philosophers, cosmologists, cultural theorists, and spiritual innovators
  • Be part of a new social, cultural, and spiritual forum for engaged creativity
  • Immerse yourself in a philosophical and cultural context with its sights set on our collective evolutionary future
  • Feel your own capacity to understand life become more and more alive

Just as with the retreat, this part of the Discovery Cycle will open your horizons to the limitless evolutionary relationship between inner and outer, self and other, consciousness and culture. And what you uncover in the Conference for Evolutionaries will inform all of your spiritual practice and development in ways that will enable you to make an ever bigger impact on the world. 

Getting Started: Become an Evolutionary Today!

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