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Powerful Communication

A workshop for women at a time of planetary crisis


Led by Isabel Carlisle and Elizabeth Rivers
Hosted by Kyrsten Perry of EnlightenNext

Saturday 14 November 10am - 5pm
£55 (incl. lunch)
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Many women feel called to take action in response to the environmental challenges of our time.  However, it can often feel difficult to know how to talk about environmental issues with others in a way that combines realism with a sense of hope.


We have many opportunities to influence others and be an agent of change, both in informal conversations and in formal presentations.  The way in which we express our hopes and concerns can make a huge difference to how effective we are.  Knowing how to connect with our own passions and to talk from our personal experience is key.

In this workshop you will:

  • Have the opportunity to engage in deep dialogue with like-minded women about your dreams and concerns on environmental issues
  • Explore how to have courageous conversations with others based on your personal story
  • Understand the resources you can draw on to remain calm in the face of increasing responsibilities
  • Learn how resilient leaders prioritise to avoid burning out
  • Learn the principles of powerful face-to-face communication that make messages memorable and motivates change in others
  • Practice presenting to the group and be coached on in this
  • Enhance your impact as an effective change agent and catalyst
  • Share experiences and give/receive advice on becoming personally resilient

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SPECIAL OFFER: Delegates attending the conference are entitled to a 40% discount on the retail price of any two of the three highly exciting and relevant editions of EnlightenNext magazine outlined below.

If you are thirsting for highly intelligent, sophisticated journalism that deeply explores the critical issues of the day, in relationship to the big themes of culture, sustainability, gender, science and spirituality, the following issues of this radical magazine ticks all these boxes:


SEX: The Good, the Strange, and the Sacred
For our second issue under the name EnlightenNext, we take an in-depth look at the always provocative relationship between sex and spirituality.

A Cultural, Philosophical, and Spiritual Exploration

Men’s Liberation? Women’s Liberation? Gay Liberation? How Free Do We Really Want To Be?
In today’s culture, where traditional concepts of what it means to be a man or a woman seem open for debate and questioning like never before, this issue presents an unprecedented investigation into the relationship between enlightenment and gender.



All delegates will be eligible to make their claim for this offer at the venue on the day of the event.


Facilitator Biographies


Isabel Carlisle is a social entrepreneur and educator for sustainability.

She is founder and director of The Animals’ Lawsuit Project (www.animals-lawsuit.org), which is taking education for sustainable living into schools and creating a platform for youth voice on one-planet living through dialogue and action. She is also a Creative Consultant to the University of the Arts, London.
Isabel is a Nichiren Buddhist trained in leading Socratic dialogue around the emerging issues of our time. Her commitment to community building underpins her work on the steering group for Transition Highbury.


Her career began in the late 1970s as an archaeologist abroad, eventually becoming Deputy Art Critic on The Times and Deputy Head of Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts. In 2002, having resolved to quit being a deputy, she directed she conceived and then directed The Festival of Muslim Cultures, which took place in 2006. Through this experience, she gained dialogue and leadership skills in a highly contested particularly challenging arena.


Isabel’s areas of interest are education for the future, the creation of resilient communities and the need for values in eco-activism.



Elizabeth Rivers is an educator, mediator and coach.  She works with new paradigm leaders, supporting them to develop both internal sustainability and effective action. She has worked with the leadership of organisations such as Amnesty International, plus the senior Civil Service, professions, corporations and start-ups.


She has been a practitioner of Chi Kung for over 20 years and of formative psychology for 10 years - an approach to psychotherapy that is rooted in the body. She believes in the integration of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions as a sustainable way of responding to the challenges and opportunities of our time.


Active in the Earth Jurisprudence movement, Elizabeth works with a global network of leading-edge thinkers and activists to re-imagine law and governance from a holistic perspective so that it works for all of life, not just humans.


Formerly a commercial lawyer in the City, she was one of the pioneers of the use of mediation to transform the culture of business and government away from confrontation towards collaboration and is recognised as a leading UK mediator.



Kyrsten Perry met Andrew Cohen in Australia 14 years ago and immediately became a student and an active member of EnlightenNext.  Her background is in social activism and she was involved for many years in the political arena, where she worked on a federal level for the Australian Government as an advisor on Aboriginal Affairs and Women’s issues. She also worked for Greenpeace.


Moving to the UK she has worked for EnlightenNext London in varying capacities, running the EnlightenNext lecture series, known as ‘Voices from the Edge’, a highly successful forum for international speakers who had contributed to EnlightenNext magazine. Currently she is director of the thriving conference and meeting venue, called The Window (www.thewindow.org.uk), which forms the business arm of EnlightenNext UK.


Kyrsten has developed strong relationships with spiritual and other groups in the UK that share an interest in creating a better future. She recently gave a very successful lecture tour in Australia and regularly leads workshops on evolutionary enlightenment and meditation.

Magazine Issue 45: The Evolving Faces of God


The new issue of EnlightenNext is coming soon to a mailbox or newsstand near you, featuring Andrew Cohen, Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilber, Aliya Haeri, Jean M. Twenge, Jun Po Roshi, Terry Patten, Amit Goswami, and much more.


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