Lillian Holt

From the Ethnic to the Authentic


Recorded at the Quest for Global Healing Conference in Bali, 2004, this interview presents the wit and wisdom of iconoclastic Aboriginal educator Lillian Holt. Characteristically direct (even for an Aussie), she skewers the common pitfalls of our postmodern infatuation with cultural diversity for its own sake and the idealized attachment to ethnicity as a form of self-discovery. Born on the Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement in Queensland, but educated and employed in predominantly white Australia, she's witnessed and experienced all sides of the issue. In her work in Aboriginal, women's, and adult education, and in seminars dealing with racism and reconciliation, she views ethnicity as a stepping stone, not as an end in itself. To Holt, what matters is the full and authentic expression of our unique and universal humanity, encompassing but always transcending our particular race, color, class, or creed.

For more about the Quest for Global Healing conference in Bali, please visit the Cross Cultural Journeys website or the Bali Institute website.

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Recorded on: 12/7/2004


Postmodern Culture
New Age Spirituality
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From the Ethnic to the Authentic

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