Jessica Roemischer
Biography & Resources


Jessica Roemischer is a senior editor of What Is Enlightenment? who is rapidly developing a reputation for her astute commentary and the depth of her philosophical perspective on culture. Her writing has shed light on issues as diverse as the role of morality in a postmodern world, the impact of our global crises on the world's religious traditions, and the future of women's liberation. She has written the most comprehensive and accessible introduction to date on Don Beck's Spiral Dynamics—the potent theory of the bio-social-spiritual development of cultures and individuals. Roemischer has presented at training seminars (with Beck himself), think tanks, and transpartisan political gatherings.

Joining What is Enlightenment? magazine in 2002, Roemischer's work was immediately recognizable for both its creativity and humanity. She has a unique talent for presenting complex theory and philosophy in ways that are compelling and immediately graspable. A graduate of Princeton University in art history and visual arts, she also brings her background as a photographer, pianist (both classical and jazz), and art historian to the culture beat for the magazine.

She currently resides in Lenox, Massachusetts.