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Is God a Pacifist?
Exploring the Meaning of Peace, Nonviolence, and Pacifism in a Post 9/11 World

Is peace the answer to a world in chaos? Against the backdrop of 9/11 and Iraq, WIE asks the hard questions about just wars and religious violence, and explores the relationship between our deepest spiritual principles and the politics of an evolving global society.

Issue 26
Conflict, Creativity, and the Nature of God
The Guru and the Pandit

The guru and the pandit discuss the relationship between belief systems, views of reality, and political orientation in this thought-provoking dialogue. In so doing, they describe the nature of the creative process and its role in the process of transcending old structures.

Issue 26
Finding Freedom in Captivity
Beyond Limits

Held hostage for five years in Lebanon, John McCarthy shares how a spiritual experience and a rare friendship turned a hellish ordeal into a transformative odyssey.

Issue 26
What Future for Muslim Identity?

The Muslim world stands at a crossroads, and the future of the planet may rest on which direction it takes: confrontation or its own cultural and religious heritage of tolerance and peace.

Issue 25
Transforming the Seeds of Corruption

The renowned Christian lay monk and interfaith activist believed that if we are to survive as a species there must be a spiritual awakening of the human heart, one that transforms the core of limitation into the seeds of transformation.

Issue 19
The Scariest Good Guy You’ll Ever Meet
A modern-day knight delivers aid to the dispossessed
Issue 37