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Issue 42  /  December 2008–February 2009
Welcome to EnlightenNext
The Magazine for Evolutionaries

For our debut issue under the name EnlightenNext, we unveil the magazine’s revamped design and take a fresh look at many of our favorite topics, including evolutionary spirituality, science, culture, politics, philosophy, religion, integral theory, and what it really means to pioneer a new stage in humanity's collective evolution. It's a compelling, eclectic exploration that you won't want to miss. Featuring: Arianna Huffington, Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, John F. Haught, Susan Neiman, James N. Gardner, an exclusive profile of the Dalai Lama, and more.

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table of contents
Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen

The Integral Emergence icon
The Integral Emergence

Building the Foundations of a New Worldview

While the progressive values forged in the 1960s continue to permeate society, some intrepid souls are eagerly searching for the next step forward. Discover why leading thinkers around the world are convinced that our future rests in the hands of a budding cultural coup d’état called the integral revolution.

by Joel Pitney

A Theologian of Renewal - icon
A Theologian of Renewal

The Evolutionary Spirituality of John F. Haught

Will Jesus survive the twenty-first century? How must Christianity reinvent itself in order to flourish in a scientific age? In this personal and philosophical profile, we offer a glimpse inside the prodigious mind and heart of a man who may hold the answers—pioneering Catholic theologian John F. Haught.

by Carter Phipps

Idealism for Grown-Ups - icon
Idealism for Grown-Ups

An Interview with Susan Neiman

Is idealism limited to the naïve and young at heart? Does being “realistic” mean abandoning all hope of changing the world? Philosopher Susan Neiman doesn't think so, arguing that idealism is not only compatible with realism but may even be the most significant dimension of what it means to be human.

by Elizabeth Debold

Arianna Huffington
Seeking Truth Beyond Left and Right

An Interview with Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, political pundit and editor in chief of the award-winning internet newspaper The Huffington Post, tells us why she believes that politics, culture, and consciousness itself are evolving in response to a deep yearning for transcendence that she calls “the fourth instinct.”

by Elizabeth Debold

The Guru and the Pandit


The Interdynamics of Culture and Consciousness

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

For this inaugural issue of EnlightenNext, Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber take a fresh look at some of the foundational questions underlying their many wide-ranging conversations: What does it mean that enlightenment is evolving? How is the evolution of consciousness related to the evolution of culture? What is “integral consciousness,” and why is it so important?

Dreams of a Mild-Mannered Hero - icon
Dreams of a Mild-Mannered Hero

Getting to Know the World's Most Popular Spiritual Icon

He shoulders the legacy of the Buddha, the hopes of a nation, and the expectations of the world. But what’s it really like to be the Dalai Lama? Here, a BBC journalist provides a candid look at a leader who carries his enormous responsibilities with lightness, humility, and a sweetly roguish sense of humor.

by Joshua Dugdale

Swami Chidananda
PULSE: News from an emerging culture

Tapping religion’s funny bone with Lewis Black, Mike Myers, and other comedians; Don Beck expands the mind of the American Psychological Association; an interview with complexity theorist Stuart Kauffman; Andrew Cohen remembers the late Swami Chidananda; and more.

Sky to Street
Enlightening Main Street - icon
Enlightening Main Street

Have the secular media fallen in love with the spirit? And do we have Oprah to thank for it? We follow a trail of clues suggesting that a major culture shift is currently underway.

by Carol Ann Raphael

Voices from the Edge
Postbiological Cultural Evolution - icon
Shaping Postbiological Cultural Evolution

Now that supersmart computers are no longer a distant fantasy, how do we keep our transhuman future from becoming a nightmare?

by James N. Gardner

Tom Huston
The Dumbest Generation?

Gen Y may be the most idealistic generation since the boomers, but does its new depth of narcissism leave the Me Generation in the dust?

by Tom Huston

online exclusive
My Way to Integral Thinking - icon
My Way to Integral Thinking

A personal and philosophical exploration of deep ecology, Martin Heidegger, father-son relations, and the quest for a new worldview.

by Michael Zimmerman

Natural Selection - icon
Natural Selection

Reviews of books, film, and other media

Plus: Books for Evolutionaries with Barbara Marx Hubbard;
an interview with Russell Targ.

Peter Ragnar

Are You Having the Time of Your Life, or Does Time Have You?

with Peter Ragnar

Kosmic concepts - icon


Why do we often spell it with a “K”?

by Tom Huston

Evolutionary Enlightenment - icon
Awakening to Evolution

by Andrew Cohen