Archbishop Desmond Tutu

When God Smiles


Archbishop Desmond Tutu transforms the daily routine of the press interview into a magnificent and heartrending sermon on the transfiguration of adversity. He conveys his powerful conviction that God presides over a moral universe in which the good and the just shall always be vindicated, and where even the smallest act of pure compassion wipes away the tears of suffering and brings a smile to the face of God. Directly encounter the compassion, optimism, and unequivocal faith of this Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Original video footage courtesy of Carolyn Mary Scott and Turtle Island Films.

This was recorded at the Quest for Global Healing conference in Bali. For more about the conference, please visit the Cross Cultural Journeys website or the Bali Institute website.

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Recorded on: 12/7/2004


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When God Smiles

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