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Diet to Save a Planet
Taking On Global Warming Pound by Pound
Issue 37
The Scariest Good Guy You’ll Ever Meet
A modern-day knight delivers aid to the dispossessed
Issue 37
The Purpose of Peace
An evangelical pastor has a big-hearted plan to save Rwanda
Issue 35
From MySpace to OurWorld
Zaadz.com is making spirituality and positive change integral to social networking on the web.
Issue 33
Sacrifice Is the Language of Love
The Incredible Story of a Modern-Day Saint
Issue 32
Our Task is Not Complete
A recent gathering of Nobel Peace laureates displays a potent blend of spirituality, morality, and politics
Issue 29
I Have No Choice

An interview with Tex Gunning, president of Unilever Bestfoods Asia and point man in the war on blind corporate culture, whose passionate care for the well-being of Asian children is transforming the way international aid dollars are being spent.

Issue 28
All We Need Is the Vision

This former professor of environmental studies takes high-powered business consultants on vision quests, leading them far into the wilderness in order to connect with the unity we share with each other and with the planet that sustains us. He has been a guide to Brian Arthur, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge, and others.

Issue 28
The Uncompromising Spiritual Passion and Positivity of Carlos Santana

Santana, joined by his wife Deborah, speaks of the deeply felt spirituality that inspires both his music and their philanthropy.

Issue 28
God Can't Do It Alone

While this diminutive woman draped in a white sari might appear to belong to an era long past, she is the inspiration and spiritual guide to many of the world's leading business visionaries, such as Brian Bacon, Tex Gunning, Charles Handy, Peter Senge, David Cooperrider, Rita Cleary, and others.

Issue 28
The Actualization of Divinity

UN activist and spiritual leader Audrey Kitagawa makes an impassioned plea for moral responsibility.

Issue 27
Reaching Toward Synthesis
A gathering of visionary-activists looks for the next step
Issue 27
The Great Work
Reviewed by Susan Bridle

Susan Bridle considers eco-theologian Thomas Berry's resounding call to our ecological conscience.

Issue 19
Is That Me Bleeding?

An American Zen teacher and world-renowned social activist speaks about the compassionate action that arises out of emptiness.

Issue 19
From What Is to What Ought to Be

“The spiritual power of the universe is not a morally neutral force,” declares revolutionary spiritual activist Michael Lerner in this provocative dialogue with Andrew Cohen on Judaism, enlightenment, and saving the world.

Issue 19
Don't Ask Why--Just Do Something!

“I have such passion about what could be done!” A fiery Brooklyn-born guru and AIDS activist speaks out on suffering, detachment, and what it means to truly care.

Issue 19
Transforming the Seeds of Corruption

The renowned Christian lay monk and interfaith activist believed that if we are to survive as a species there must be a spiritual awakening of the human heart, one that transforms the core of limitation into the seeds of transformation.

Issue 19
Awakening to Total Revolution: Enlightenment and the World Crisis

“Spirituality is the seed, and social action is the fruit born of it,” writes Indian spiritual master and social activist Vimala Thakar in a compelling essay exploring the true meaning of wholeness.

Issue 19