Rabbi Yehuda Berg

72 Names for God


Madonna attends. So does Barbara Streisand. Ashton Kutcher, too. Roseanne can't live without it. Jay-Z endorses it. What is it? The Kabbalah Centre. And through the worldly wisdom of its doyen Rav Berg, with sons Michael and Yehuda, Kabbalah Centres around the world bring this ancient esoteric Judaic teaching to the hungry souls of the postmodern masses. In this interview recorded at their center in New York City, Rabbi Yehuda Berg discusses the history and philosophy of Kabbalah, it's legend, lore, and wisdom, as well as the popular message and methods that have made The Kabbalah Centre more than just the latest spiritual fad.

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Rabbi Yehuda Berg
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Recorded on: 6/22/2004


Contemporary Spirituality
Ethics and Morality
New Age Spirituality
Popular Culture
Postmodern Culture
Religious Traditions


72 Names for God

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