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A Living Experiment in Conscious Evolution
In their latest dialogue, spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher Ken Wilber turn their attention to the dynamics at work between Cohen’s students, whose collective spiritual practice aims to push human consciousness to new levels.
Issue 35
The Ultimate Black Belt Test

At a time when the gospel of self-acceptance is leading to ever-lowering expectations, an audacious martial arts training program strives to replace mediocrity with mastery.

Issue 31
Spiritual but not Religious
Moving beyond postmodern spirituality
Issue 31
Moral Hierarchy
The key to evolving consciousness
Issue 31
Become All That You Can Become
America's oldest military academy is getting enlightened about human development
Issue 29
Our Task is Not Complete
A recent gathering of Nobel Peace laureates displays a potent blend of spirituality, morality, and politics
Issue 29
Islamic Vegetarians Fight the System
The conflict between factory farming practices and Islamic law
is leading many Muslims to eat more vegetables

The conflict between factory farming and Islamic law is leading many Muslims to eat more vegetables.

Issue 28
Global Government Catches the Soul Train
Can a spiritual vision help awaken the United Nations?

Can a spiritual vision help awaken the United Nations?

Issue 28
The Business of Saving the World
Can capitalism become a force for a new global consciousness?

Innovative organizational change makers—and their corporate counterparts—are tackling one of the most complex problems facing humanity: the urgent need for big business to evolve from being a profit–driven machine to a living system working for the future of the planet.

Issue 28
A New Spiritual Canon
Enlightenment for the Twenty-First Century

A New Spiritual Canon

Issue 27
A 21st Century Love Story
Part IV of Evan & Ella

As Evan ascends Jacob's Ladder, Ella fears the worst and considers becoming a nun.

Issue 27
Stranger Than Science Fiction
The World Future Society's annual conference takes a brave look at the culture of tomorrow
Issue 27
Coming Out as a Moral Cosmopolitan
What It Means to Be a Human Being in the New Millennium

A rousing call to forge a new world from the depths of our own souls.

Issue 27
Is God a Pacifist?
Exploring the Meaning of Peace, Nonviolence, and Pacifism in a Post 9/11 World

Is peace the answer to a world in chaos? Against the backdrop of 9/11 and Iraq, WIE asks the hard questions about just wars and religious violence, and explores the relationship between our deepest spiritual principles and the politics of an evolving global society.

Issue 26
The God I Believe In
Mario Cuomo on pacifism, faith, and Teilhard de Chardin
Issue 26
Are There Skate Parks in Heaven?
The Bible-zine for teens is here, but who's buying it?
Issue 26
The Globalization of Morality
Robert Wright explores the challenges of terrorism and the evolution of human ethics
Issue 26
Following the Grain of the Kosmos
States, stages, selves, and the directionality of development

Wilber and Cohen exchange their understandings of how the developmental trajectory unfolds. They discuss the evolutionary impulse, what it is and why it’s significant, and differentiate between stages and states of consciousness.

Issue 25
Conversations with My Father
Postmodernism, morality, and the evolution of a father-daughter relationship

WIE editor Jessica Roemischer traverses four decades of postmodernity and life with her philosopher father, in an autobiographical odyssey replete with the freedoms, disappointments, and newfound potential of a world beyond tradition.

Issue 24
The Ethics of Interdependence

The Dalai Lama explains why we need to create a new form of ethics based on the reality of our interdependence.

Issue 24
In Search of a New Moral Compass
The Guru and the Pandit

The importance of a moral context for spiritual experience occupies the attention of Wilber and Cohen in this riveting exchange. They confront the ethical ambiguities of our time and re-insert morality into the discussion of postmodern spirituality.

Issue 24
Shifting Moral Ground
The Dilemma of Ethics in an Out-of-Control World

How do we make the right choices in a globalizing, pluralistic society? WIE looks beyond our postmodern “do-your-own-thing” ethos to explore the emerging edge of an evolutionary morality.

Issue 24
If the Shoe Fits, Wear It
Sex and the City finds its moral footing
Issue 24
And God said, The World is Good

“When God created the world, he created it as a positive thing.” This modern-day patriarch of a large Orthodox community brings to life the joy and richness of a spiritual path that embraces all aspects of creation.

Issue 18
Yoga, Ego and Purification

In this groundbreaking interview—his first since being asked to step down as the director and spiritual teacher of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health five years ago—a world-renowned yogi speaks candidly with Andrew Cohen about yoga, purification and the dynamics of trust in the student/teacher relationship.

Issue 17
Who is Satan?

The acclaimed director of The Devil's Advocate discusses his film's powerful portrayal of the precarious balance between good and evil, the ever-present temptations of ego and why selling our soul to the devil is always just one choice away.

Issue 17
The Conscience of America

Could it be that America's #1 talk radio shrink is calling us to a higher moral standard than many of the most renowned spiritual teachers of our era?

Issue 12
Spiritual Slavery and the Prostitution of the Soul
A Dialogue with Andrew Cohen
Issue 9
The Kramer Papers: A Look Behind the Mask of Antiauthoritarianism
A personal account of a meeting with the authors of The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power

Meeting the authors of The Guru Papers

Issue 9
The Seal of God
An Ancient Jewish Measure of Spiritual Authority
Issue 9
Gaming for a Higher Cause
An emerging genre of video games puts social evolution in the palm of your hand
Issue 35
Higher Integration
The Guru and the Pandit

What does a second-tier, or integral, perspective signify? What does it look like, and how do we acquire it? These are questions that Cohen and Wilber address in this dialogue, which advocates a commitment to the very biggest perspective.

Issue 29
Reinventing Capitalism: Putting Soul in the Machine
A Quick Re-Vision of Western Civilization

In an exclusive preview of his new book, Howard Bloom inspires us to consider capitalism—the heart of Western civilization—as “the most creative and potentially idealistic bio-engine this planet has ever seen.”

Issue 28
A People's Revolution of Enlightenment: Kabbalah
Ancient mysticism hits the bigtime at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has been picking up more celebrities than a ski lift in Aspen, but what's the real story behind its success? Discover how one of the world's most esoteric mystical traditions has become a global pop phenomenon.

Issue 27
Stacey Heartspring Encounters the Postmodern Craze of Neo-Advaita
A Truly Imaginary Spiritual Satire

Join Stacey, WIE's newest correspondent (and loosest cannon), to find out just what makes the neo-advaita world tick!

Issue 22
Close Encounters of the Advaita Kind
The Euphoric Nihilism of Ramesh Balsekar

A mindbending conversation with a former president of the Bank of India now considered by many to be the successor of the great Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Issue 14
No Independent Existence

The Dalai Lama speaks about the nature of emptiness and the meaning of enlightenment.

Issue 14
Advaita 101

The lessons of a Vedantic traditionalist who believes that studying the ancient scriptures, not having spiritual experiences, is the most direct route to profound nondual realization.

Issue 14
Making God Laugh

“There are no problems in life; the only problem is thinking.” A journey beyond time, space and the world as we know it with an outrageous modern Advaitin.

Issue 14
The Teacher and Liberation Should Be One and the Same
Three articles by Andrew Cohen
Issue 9