Fleet Maull

Meditating as If Your Life Depended on It


Fleet Maull was never interested in pursuing a conventional life, but when he found himself confronted with the stark reality of thirty years without parole in a maximum security prison for drug smuggling charges, he had to come to grips with the consequences of his actions under circumstances more demeaning and more violent than he had ever imagined. Would he succumb to the horrors of his devastated life or make a decision to live, no matter what? With rare courage and unflinching commitment, Maull tackled his fate by diving into his Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice by night and teaching literacy classes and providing hospice care to inmates by day. During his time behind bars, he completed a strenuous Tibetan initiatory practice that entailed performing 100,000 prostrations in his tiny cell, took vows to become a novice monk, and managed to navigate the unspoken and often life-threatening maze of social codes that govern prison life. Maull talks with WIE’s founder Andrew Cohen and senior associate editor Ross Robertson about the crushing lows and blissful highs of his ordeal in this riveting account of the decision to become “absolutely radically committed to eradicating any kind of negativity or uselessness out of my life.”

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Recorded on: 2/5/2005


Spiritual Transformation


Meditating as If Your Life Depended on It

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