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Diving into Electric Gold
A conversation with David Lynch about meditation, enlightened filmmaking, and the secret of his creativity
Issue 37
Creating the Future
The Guru and the Pandit

Cohen and Wilber take to the stage in Denver, Colorado, and explore the future of enlightenment—they also field a wide assortment of questions and articulate commentary from the audience—in their first-ever public dialogue.

Issue 32
Getting to a Deeper YES
Higher wisdom goes to Harvard Law School
Issue 31
God's Playing a New Game
Integral Spirituality, Evolutionary Enlightenment, and the Future of Religion

Andrew Cohen’s twenty years of experience as a spiritual teacher provides dynamic counterpoint to Ken Wilber’s comprehensive integral theory. The result is more than an exchange of ideas, as “guru and pandit” bring their rigorous inquiry and passion to this lively exploration of Wilber’s new manifesto.

Issue 33