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Real Gurus “Couldn't care less”
The dilemma of an Eastern master in a postmodern world
Issue 31
Between Bliss and Devastation
Excerpts from an interview with Fleet Maull

In a series of stark vignettes told against the backdrop of fourteen years as a federal prisoner, this close student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche captures both the pain of self-betrayal and the ecstasy of self-discovery.

Issue 29
Big Buddha
Maitreya, the buddha of the future, is arriving
a few eons ahead of schedule
Issue 28
27,000 Miles to Buddhahood
The Tendai Monks of Mount Hiei take the ultramarathon to a whole new level
The Tendai monks of Mount Hiei take the ultramarathon to a whole new level. Written by Pete Bampton.
Issue 25
The Ethics of Interdependence

The Dalai Lama explains why we need to create a new form of ethics based on the reality of our interdependence.

Issue 24
Is That Me Bleeding?

An American Zen teacher and world-renowned social activist speaks about the compassionate action that arises out of emptiness.

Issue 19
A Call to Mediocrity

A review of two new releases: After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield and Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope

Issue 18
There's No Escape from the World

One of the founding fathers of American Buddhism speaks about why he never became a monk, and insists that transcendence of the world is strictly an inner matter.

Issue 18
The Price of Liberation
An Eminent Buddhist Scholar Asks: How Middle was the Buddha's Middle Way?

What was the life of the monks really like in the Buddha's time? Buddhist scholar Peter Masefield presents an unembellished picture of the radical and austere life lived by those who ordained under the “Awakened One.”

Issue 18
The World is Unreliable

Joining the monastic world at the age of four, tulku Penor Rinpoche eventually became the presiding abbot of over 400 monasteries in Tibet and was named the Supreme Head of the Nyingma Buddhist Lineage. In this rare interview, he speaks about the unique advantages of the monastic path for the seeker of liberation.

Issue 18
What Does It Mean to Renounce the World?
Featuring Interviews with Father William McNamara and H.H. Penor Rinpoche
Issue 18
The 1001 Forms of Self-Grasping
or ... Do You Really Have to be Somebody Before You Can be Nobody?

Do we need to strengthen the ego before we let go of it? Is psychotherapy necessary on the spiritual path? A provocative dialogue with the psychiatrist and Buddhist meditation teacher who coined the phrase, “You have to be somebody before you can be nobody.”

Issue 17
No Escape for the Ego

“When the ego is cornered and has nowhere to go, the only thing one can do is to put it down. And when one puts down the ego, then that is enlightenment.” One of the world's most respected Buddhist masters—a lineage holder in both existing schools of Ch'an Buddhism—speaks about the joy of liberation, the pitfalls of the path and the one-pointed desire required to see through our attachment to a false sense of self.

Issue 17
Gay/Straight, Man/Woman, Self/Other
What Would the Buddha Have Had to Say About Gay Liberation?

Do gay people have a special path to enlightenment? A Buddhist scholar and gay rights activist disputes many common convictions about gay spirituality.

Issue 16
What Is the Relationship Between Emptiness and Beautiful Nails?

Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo—the first Western woman to be recognized as a reincarnated Tibetan tulku—speaks candidly about gender and enlightenment, her relationship with her students and being a female teacher in a male-dominated tradition.

Issue 16
War Cry
Issue 16
Absolutely Not!
An interview with Stephen Batchelor, Author of Buddhism without Beliefs

“Transcendence, to me, is a relative term.” A provocative inquiry into the nature of enlightenment with the renowned scholar and author of Buddhism without Beliefs.

Issue 14
Issue 14
No Independent Existence

The Dalai Lama speaks about the nature of emptiness and the meaning of enlightenment.

Issue 14
The Roar of the Timeless Beyond

A distinguished Pali scholar asserts that the Buddha's transmission of “right view” was nothing less than a transcendent revelation.

Issue 14
Is Buddhism Surviving America?

The editor of Tricycle, America's most popular Buddhist review, discusses the secularization of Buddhism in a culture “aggressively antagonistic to the pursuit of the unknown.”

Issue 14
What the Buddha Taught

We asked a renowned Buddhist abbot, ordained a celibate monk at the age of twelve, what the Buddha himself would have to say about the relevance of celibacy in these sexually “liberated” times.

Issue 13
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tantra ... but Were Afraid to Ask

The fascinating and informative discoveries of a pioneering scholar and author who journeyed to the Himalayas in search of the truth about Buddhist sexual tantra.

Issue 13
A 21st century love story
Part VI: Compassion vs. Kundalini

As Evan strives to awaken his kundalini on the banks of the holy Ganges, Ella discovers that Buddhism can make you happier—especially if there's a hot Tibetan guy involved.

Issue 29
Vanguard Generation
An Ironic Army
Can two recent books about young people and spirituality—Dharma Punx and Red Moon Rising—help Gen Y overcome irony and apathy in order to save the world?

Issue 25
Enlightenment at the Speed of Life
How does the experience of enlightenment itself respond to the changing life conditions of the twenty-first century?

How can the changeless realization of enlightenment help humanity cope with our world of accelerating change? Twelve contemporary spiritual teachers bring timeless wisdom to bear on this twenty-first-century dilemma.

Issue 23
The Transpersonal Ego: Is There a New Formation?

What would the Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Sasaki Roshi and H.H. the Dalai Lama have to say about transpersonal psychology's perplexing predicament? We asked one adventurous transpersonal psychologist to channel the masters and find out.

Issue 17
A Mind Like Water

“When I see my opponents fly through the air and fall at my feet without conscious effort on my part, I realize that I am a partaker of something greater than I can comprehend.” A poet, spiritual teacher and black-belt master of the Bushido way describes the astonishing effects of profound Self-realization on the human capacity for mental and physical mastery.

Issue 15
Dharma in the Marketplace

America's largest Buddhist publisher discusses the myth of millennialism and the challenges of spiritual publishing in the New Age.

Issue 12