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A Living Experiment in Conscious Evolution
In their latest dialogue, spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher Ken Wilber turn their attention to the dynamics at work between Cohen’s students, whose collective spiritual practice aims to push human consciousness to new levels.
Issue 35
The Paradise We Seek
The Reverend Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault on the Christian path to ego death and the discovery of the true self
This Episcopal priest, author, and internationally recognized teacher of contemplative prayer addresses the modern face of contemplative practice, the transcendent potential of religious insight, and the ultimate liberation of women—beyond identification with gender itself.
Issue 33
Spiritual but not Religious
Moving beyond postmodern spirituality
Issue 31
Laying the Tracks for a Moving Train
Revelation, Right View, and the Challenge of Conscious Evolution

In this, their 11th exchange, Cohen and Wilber explore how transformation is sustained in people. This leads to a discussion about the value of both spiritual experience and the framework in which experience is interpreted, and how each can lead to enlightenment.

Issue 31
Between Bliss and Devastation
Excerpts from an interview with Fleet Maull

In a series of stark vignettes told against the backdrop of fourteen years as a federal prisoner, this close student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche captures both the pain of self-betrayal and the ecstasy of self-discovery.

Issue 29
Igniting the Flame of Intensity
The Spiritual Journey of a New Kind of Bodybuilder

This master of spiritual bodybuilding describes his extraordinary experience of physical transformation as a path to higher consciousness.

Issue 28
Authentic Leadership
Enlightenment for the 21st Century
Issue 28
The Resonance of Awakening
The Guru and the Pandit

The importance of how the spiritual experience is interpreted is the focus of this conversation between Cohen and Wilber. They examine the impact of evolution on both culture and spirituality and delve into the nature of enlightenment in a world of evolving form.

Issue 28
Transcend and Include
The Guru and the Pandit

Cohen and Wilber turn their attention to how large-scale change actually takes place. They find that both including and excluding previous levels of development are part of the process of transcendence as they investigate how higher expressions of consciousness emerge.

Issue 27
Human Purpose and the Field of the Future
Issue 25
Are You Ready to Change Now?
Enlightenment for the 21st Century

Everybody wants to get enlightened but nobody wants to change! Join What Is Enlightenment? as we explore our evolutionary potential through new models of individual and collective transformation.

Issue 22
Boomeritis & Me
Not Just a Book Review

One of our editors peers deep into Narcissus' mirror to reflect upon the spiritual implications of a pervasive cultural virus called boomeritis—the subject and title of Ken Wilber's recent novel.

Issue 22
A Word from the Editors
In the Beginning...
Issue 22
Breaking the Rules
The Guru and the Pandit

The West's foremost cartographer of consciousness joins the founder of WIE to discuss the anatomy of modern spiritual transformation. Together, they confront the prevailing cultural disposition that must be challenged if humans are to take the next evolutionary step.

Issue 22
A Philosopher of Change

One of the new breed of evolutionary philosophers, Twilight Club Director Yasuhiko Kimura rails against the conspiracy of mediocrity plaguing the postmodern world, and shares his vision of the future human: homo universalis and beyond.

Issue 22
Do Here Now!
Introduction to this issue
Issue 21
The Enemy Within

What would Christianity's Desert Fathers have had to say about the ego in spiritual life? WIE travels to a remote Greek Orthodox hermitage to speak with an inspired modern-day renunciate about the passion for purification that burns at the heart of this ancient tradition.

Issue 17
Integrating the Big Bang

What is the result when enlightened master Ramana Maharshi is merged with champion bodybuilder Frank Zane? The cofounder of Esalen Institute describes his all-embracing “integral approach” to the realization of our human evolutionary potential.

Issue 15
A Spirituality that Transforms

America's foremost transpersonal theorist points beyond conventional religious pursuit to the revolutionary possibility of authentic spiritual transformation.

Issue 12
The Transmission of Consciousness
Reviving the Role of the Spiritual Master
Issue 31
The Business of Saving the World
Can capitalism become a force for a new global consciousness?

Innovative organizational change makers—and their corporate counterparts—are tackling one of the most complex problems facing humanity: the urgent need for big business to evolve from being a profit–driven machine to a living system working for the future of the planet.

Issue 28
Conversations with My Father
Postmodernism, morality, and the evolution of a father-daughter relationship

WIE editor Jessica Roemischer traverses four decades of postmodernity and life with her philosopher father, in an autobiographical odyssey replete with the freedoms, disappointments, and newfound potential of a world beyond tradition.

Issue 24
Why Sri Aurobindo Is Cool
WIE proves that sometimes even dead gurus kick ass

A freewheeling tour through the fascinating life and work of one of the twentieth century's greatest evolutionary pioneers.

Issue 21
For the Sake of the Future
Seven Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Speak About Their Hopes for Humanity

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and others.

Issue 21
Time is the Enemy
A Review of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now"
Issue 18