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Issue 28 Cover
Issue 28  /  March–May 2005
Will Big Business Save the World?
Big business has changed the world—and brought us to the edge of ecological and social crisis. Could the capitalist engines of globalization become a positive force for global unity? In this issue, WIE takes you into the minds and offices of the new corporate change-makers who are unleashing the creativity of capitalism to serve the planet and its people.
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Andrew Cohen

The Business of Saving the World

Can capitalism become a force for a new global consciousness?
Innovative organizational change makers—and their corporate counterparts—are tackling one of the most complex problems facing humanity: the urgent need for big business to evolve from being a profit–driven machine to a living system working for the future of the planet.

by Elizabeth Debold


Rob Glaser: “Going Public”
Mats Lederhausen: “You've Got to Hang in There”
Sonia Stojanovic: “The Bank with the Human Face”
Walter Robb
Greg Steltenpohl
A Fractal of Consciousness
The Real Business Gurus

Indian spiritual leader Dadi Janki and American eco-shaman John P. Milton are inspiring Fortune 500 management gurus to go far beyond business as usual.

Dadi Janki
John P. Milton

I Have No Choice

An interview with Tex Gunning, president of Unilever Bestfoods Asia, whose passionate care for the well-being of Asian children is transforming the way your aid dollars are spent.

The Guru and the Pandit:
The Resonance of Awakening

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber
In a particularly inspired encounter, Cohen and Wilber return to the subject that sparked their initial conversations: the meaning of enlightenment in an evolving world.

Beyond Limits:
Igniting the Flame of Intensity

Shawn Phillips
This master of spiritual bodybuilding describes his extraordinary experience of physical transformation as a path to higher consciousness.

by Ross Robertson

The Uncompromising Spiritual Passion and Positivity of Carlos Santana

Santana, joined by his wife Deborah, speaks of the deeply felt spirituality that inspires both his music and their philanthropy.

by Craig Hamilton and Jessica Roemischer

Global Government Catches the Soul Train

Can a spiritual vision help awaken the United Nations?

Calling All Spiriteers...

A new website needs your help in defining the religion of the future.

SWF: Seeking “Spiritual But Not Religious” Man

True love doesn't need to be a match made in heaven—you can do it right online.

The Vatican Crusades Against the New Age

A papal report criticizing alternative spirituality is surprisingly insightful.

PULSE: Catching the buzz from global leaders, thinkers, teachers, and mystics

The World Future Council, Spiritual Tourism, Why Jesus Loves Darwin, Integral Spiritual Center, The 3 Gurus, and more.

Big Buddha

Maitreya, the buddha of the future, is arriving a few eons ahead of schedule.

Islamic Vegetarians Fight the System

The conflict between factory farming and Islamic law is leading many Muslims to eat more vegetables.

PULPIT: Douglas Harding

The Elevenfold Liberation
The author of The Headless Way points to eleven exits from the prison of the unenlightened state.

Don Beck: A New Consciousness for a World in Crisis

From AIDS in Africa to the war in Iraq, Don Beck provides surprising insight into the cultural forces driving the news of the day.

Interview by Jessica Roemischer

Howard Bloom: Reinventing Capitalism

In an exclusive preview of his new book, Howard Bloom inspires us to consider capitalism—the heart of Western civilization—as “the most creative and potentially idealistic bio-engine this planet has ever seen.”

A 21st Century Love Story

Part V: India Strikes Back
Life sucks for Evan when Ella ditches him in Calcutta, but hers does too, once her meditation teacher decides to work more closely with her.

Natural Selection

Reviews of books, film, and other media

Enlightenment for the 21st Century

Authentic Leadership

by Andrew Cohen