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Calling All Spiriteers . . .

A new website needs your help in defining
the religion of the future
by Tom Huston

There's a new contestant in the integral arena. officially launched on December 31, 2004, as perhaps the web's first major forum centered exclusively around the emerging concept of an “integral spirituality,” or a universal spirituality that aims to be inclusive of as many dimensions of human life as possible. Dedicated to news updates, discussion boards, events, chats, and even a matchmaking service (“Spirit Mates”), the site is the creation of Colorado multimillionaire Lawrence Wollersheim and author Byron Belitsos, the founder of is geared toward individuals the site describes as “Spiritual Creatives or Spiriteers (spiritual adventurers),” and largely inspired by Ken Wilber's integral philosophy and Don Beck's Spiral Dynamics model of cultural transformation. Its mission is “to foster and develop those theories and practices (both personal and collective) that constitute the spirituality of 'second-tier,' nonsectarian, integral consciousness.” Fundamental to the website is a massive organized miscellany of information aimed at supporting both individuals and groups as they venture forth into still-uncharted territory. News from the regular media with a particularly spiritual twist is frequently posted on the site's homepage, while essays on subjects like the “Integral Spiral Movement” and “Integral Interfaith” include annotated links to other sites discussing the same topics, making apparent the surprising number of strands in this nascent holistic web.

By far the most interesting aspect of, however, is simply its attempt to discover what an integrative or integral spirituality might even be like through hosting an online public exploration of the topic. And although at this point there are many elaborate maps of the second-tier landscape, in a field this new, nearly all participants become potential cartographers, helping to chart the course of a less divisive future for humanity—and maybe, if they're lucky, meeting their true “spirit mates” while they're at it.


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