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by Andrew Cohen

It's so inspiring to see that our work here at What Is Enlightenment? is beginning to influence and affect individuals and groups on a truly global scale. My senior editors are slowly but surely becoming thought leaders in their own right as a result of the work that we are all doing here together. Last week, Jessica Roemischer, author of the widely influential piece on Spiral Dynamics, returned from a trip to an international conference on peace and reconciliation in Bali, where she was a featured lecturer and also got an exclusive interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu (to be featured in our next issue). Craig Hamilton has become an authority on the emerging field of collective intelligence since writing his groundbreaking piece in our May-July 2004 issue and has since been invited near and far to lecture on the subject. Almost daily, we hear from different circles about the profound effect his article has had. Carter Phipps, the author of the seminal feature piece, “Is God a Pacifist?” has since moderated panels in Boston and London with world-renowned experts on conflict resolution. And our collective minds were blown when we received a very warm letter of thanks from a Major Michael Ridgway for sending a box of magazines with Carter's article to the Sunni Triangle. (“I'd like to let you know that the box of WIE magazines sent to the desert here in Iraq was a monstrous hit—folks loved the article, 'Is God a Pacifist?' The box of magazines went like condoms at a homecoming . . .”) Through her extensive research, Elizabeth Debold, while writing the feature piece for the issue you're holding in your hands, met the conveners of the Whole Systems Change Summit—an international group of leading-edge business consultants and evolutionary thinkers—and inspired them to hold their most recent meeting at our headquarters here in western Massachusetts. She is also directing the new WIE section of the Masters Program in Conscious Evolution at The Graduate Institute. And after a recent lecture I gave in New York, I found myself surrounded by a United Nations staffer, the president of an NGO affiliated with the UN, and a presidential candidate for the Ivory Coast, who invited me to speak to representatives of different tribes there about the evolution of consciousness!

The main reason we took the plunge from a semiannual to a quarterly publication was because we wanted to look more deeply into the relationship between enlightenment and the evolution of culture and, even more importantly, to see if we could help to influence the way people think about spirituality, politics, business, science, art, health, and just about anything else we can come up with in this “mediated” twenty-first-century world. Faster than we ever could have imagined, that is actually beginning to happen, and I know I can speak for all of us here when I say that it feels like we've just begun!


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