John Haught

God, Faith, and the Atheist Delusion


Historically, when God has come under fire, there have always been those who have risen up to protect him. And in response to the recent wave of “New Atheism” led by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris, God has found a new defender in Christian theologian John Haught. In this fascinating interview, Haught, a professor at Georgetown University, speaks with WIE executive editor Carter Phipps about his forthcoming book, God and the New Atheism, and why he thinks it’s important for us to develop a “post-atheistic” theology that transcends the debate between religion and science once and for all.

Haught is not your average religious scholar. His unique combination of expertise in Christian theology, Western philosophy, and evolutionary theory makes him the perfect guide for navigating the subtle and often confusing territory that the New Atheists have laid claim to. With expert precision, Haught challenges the fundamental philosophical foundations of the New Atheist agenda. His suggestion is not only that their arguments are not new—Nietzsche declared God dead in 1882—but that the narrow and outdated version of God they’re attacking is a distraction from the emergence of a higher and more rational form of spirituality.

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Recorded on: 3/10/2008


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God, Faith, and the Atheist Delusion

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