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Don Beck

An Introduction to Spiral Dynamics


Many theories and systems exist for describing the order (and chaos) of the human psychosocial matrix. None, however, will alter how you see yourself and the world more immediately and profoundly than Spiral Dynamics. What is Spiral Dynamics? How can a theory concerned with basic levels of human development help countries and, indeed, the world evolve?

"Spiral wizard" Don Beck, in conversation with WIE senior editor Jessica Roemischer, directly transmits the intuitive logic and depth of this “theory that explains everything.” As they elucidate the six levels of the spiral (called Memes) and explain the distinct values and behaviors associated with them, one realizes that, much like ourselves, whole populations and entire nations are not necessarily at the same stage in their development. These differences are often the cause of deep mistrust, pervasive unrest and war. S.D.'s unique ability to define and mitigate these fundamental differences makes it a profoundly effective tool for addressing not only the endemic violence we see in the world today but for aiding the positive growth and development of earth's striving multitudes.

Dr. Beck's work has been extensively field tested and has proven its mettle, whether in facilitating reconciliation in apartheid South Africa, creating law enforcement policy in Holland, or discovering new growth strategies for multinational corporations. So listen in and begin to see with your own eyes where we come from, what we're really made of, and where we might be headed.

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