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Global Governance: Fantasy or Future Reality?
New models are forcing pundits, theorists, and leaders to consider the viability of a world government

Issue 36
Turn On, Tune In, Wake Up
A new plan for a televised State of the World Address intends to use mass media to tackle global problems
Issue 31
Tearing Pages from the Bible
Why environmental destruction is an offense against God
Issue 26
The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime?
Five spiritual teachers tell us why

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi · Jan Chozen Bays Roshi · Sheikh Tosun Bayrak · Father Basil Pennington · David Frawley

Issue 26
America as Empire
The founder of the State of the World Forum examines the way American power is shaping our geopolitical future

Will America be remembered as the architect of the world's first global democracy or as a power-hungry rogue nation that precipitates a tragedy of epic proportions?

Issue 24
Faster Forward
Impressions of Our Emerging Future

From the far out to the close at hand, four futurists zoom out for a bird's eye view on the global changes we're experiencing now and can anticipate in the future—each outlining both the unprecedented challenges and mind-spinning opportunities humanity faces in the minutes and years to come

Issue 23
The Never-Ending Upward Quest
A WIE Editor Encounters the Practical and Spiritual Wisdom of Spiral Dynamics

Change-wizard Don Beck guides us on a monumental and mind-bending journey through spiraling stages and “colors” of consciousness. Editor Jessica Roemischer explains why, when it comes to spiritual transformation, it ain't easy being “green.”

Issue 22