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Spiral Dynamics

Encounter the world’s most powerful tool for integral development and cultural transformation

No theory or system will alter how you see yourself and the world more immediately and profoundly than Spiral Dynamics. What is Spiral Dynamics? Spiral Dynamics is a powerful model and predictive theory of human development and cultural evolution. Under the guidance of “Spiral wizard” Dr. Don Beck, it has emerged as a powerful new tool for understanding the complexity of human behavior. SD has been successfully employed around the globe for conceiving and implementing real-world integral solutions to social conflicts and for catalyzing individual evolutionary transformation.

  • Learn how this evolutionary theory and model for human development can help you understand the complex world we live in and to navigate the challenges of life in the twenty-first century.
  • Begin to recognize that how we think is so much more important than what we think!
  • Become an agent for the evolution of human society by understanding how real, integral transformation takes place in yourself and others.
  • Discover why so many change makers around the world are using Spiral Dynamics to solve real, complex issues—from ending apartheid in South Africa to rewriting law enforcement policy in Holland to discovering new growth strategies for multinational corporations.

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Spriral Dynamics
EnlightenNext magazine is a must read for anyone interested in the conscious evolution of the planet. Roshi Bernard Glassman
Cofounder, the Greyston Foundation
and Peacemaker Community

The Never-Ending Upward Quest

Don Beck

Change-wizard Don Beck guides us on a monumental and mind-bending journey through spiraling stages and “colors” of consciousness. Editor Jessica Roemischer explains why, when it comes to spiritual transformation, it ain't easy being “green.”

Higher Integration

Andrew Cohen & Ken Wilber

What does a second-tier, or integral, perspective signify? What does it look like, and how do we acquire it? These are questions that Cohen and Wilber address in this dialogue, which advocates a commitment to the very biggest perspective.

A New Consciousness For a World In Crisis

Don Beck

From AIDS in Africa to the war in Iraq, Don Beck provides surprising insight into the cultural forces driving the news of the day.