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Keith Ward

The Big Questions in Science and Religion


What is the relationship between consciousness and the brain? How are the discoveries of quantum physics shaking up the way we think about science and spirituality? These are some of the important issues tackled by British philosopher and theologian Keith Ward in his new book, The Big Questions in Science and Religion, from Templeton Foundation Press.

In this Unbound interview, EnlightenNext’s Carter Phipps speaks to Ward about the book and why he took on the impressive task of teasing apart some of the points of tension between the scientific and religious worldviews. Ward is not your average theologian. In addition to a career as a professor of Divinity at Oxford University, he is also an ordained priest in the Church of England, and has had a lifelong fascination with science and the philosophy behind it. In this conversation, Ward explains why the mind-body problem is the most controversial topic in contemporary science, why “quantum physicists can’t be materialists,” and why he thinks that in the future science and religion will be dramatically different from how they are today.

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