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Ken Wilber & Andrew Cohen

Defining an Integral Approach to Enlightenment and Evolution


In their first ever “Guru-Pandit” dialogue, which appeared in the pages of WIE in spring 2002, editor in chief Andrew Cohen and esteemed integral philosopher Ken Wilber embarked on a groundbreaking exploration of the relationship between evolution and enlightenment. Since then, these two pioneers of evolutionary spirituality have expanded their inquiry to include a broad range of topics--from gender and morality to politics, postmodern culture, and the future of religion--all through a series of more than twenty dialogues that have become a central pillar of the magazine (not to mention our most popular feature!).

In this week's special WIE Unbound release, set to appear in the inaugural issue of our newly named  EnlightenNext magazine this fall, Cohen and Wilber get back to basics, teasing out the "fascinating, complex, and infinitely subtle" relationships between enlightenment and evolution, consciousness and culture, inner and outer, that have framed their discussions since day one. Drawing on decades of experience in the trenches of conscious evolution, they describe why it is becoming increasingly obvious to both of them that for anyone interested in pushing into the next stage of human development, it is essential to cultivate both a deep connection to the timeless, immortal dimension of consciousness itself as well as a sophisticated understanding of the dynamic and ever-changing structures of cultural development.

To explore the world of “the Guru and the Pandit” visit http://www.wie.org/cohen-wilber/.

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