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Steve McIntosh

How Does Consciousness Evolve?


This is the sixth in our series of interviews with integral thinker Steve McIntosh. To listen to the previous interviews, click on the links below:
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The structure of the human brain hasn’t fundamentally changed over the past 10,000 years, science tells us, yet human consciousness and society certainly have. According to integral philosopher Steve McIntosh, the inner experience of being human—our sense of subjectivity itself—is actually in a process of transformation. And for those of us interested in evolving consciously, the big question is: How?

In this video of his ongoing dialogue with WIE editor Carter Phipps, the erudite and eloquent McIntosh explores many of the central insights of the integral worldview and how they shed light on the developmental process. At the heart of that process, he suggests, are the values we hold and our capacity to acquire new ones. Describing the complex interplay between the many demands of the external world and the inner pull for something higher, deeper, and truer, he and Phipps tease apart the mechanisms of evolution in consciousness and culture. And in so doing, they illuminate the rich landscape of human interiority.

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